Product descriptions simply aren’t enough when searching for quality outdoor gear. Before “Adding to Basket” we usually need a little more convincing, but honest reviews can be hard to find. That’s why we built our very own trusted platform.

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Founded in 2020, Adventure Pending is dedicated to sharing the best, outdoor and adventure gear available in the UK. We review gear in real-world settings taking performance, sustainability and affordability into account.

Looking for recommendations ahead of your next trip? Check out our buying guides, product reviews or get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

Brands: The Adventure Pending team is always open to new collaborations – if you’d like us to put your outdoor gear to the test, don’t hesitate to send us a line.

Meet the team

We’re proud to say our team is small and hands-on with everything from product testing to adventure marketing. You can see our faces, a small bio and our social links below.

Adam Mace Outdoor Headshot

Adam Mace

Adventure Pending Co-Founder

Adventure Pending Co-Founder. Content Writer. Mechanical Engineering Graduate (MEng). Pancake and Petrol Enthusiast.

Anna Richards - Adventure Pending Headshot

Anna Richards


Anna is a travel and outdoor writer living in Lyon, France. A bundle of energy, she can usually be found tearing up a mountain or exploring the city on her multicoloured bike. Her work has been featured in Lonely Planet, The BBC, The Independent, SUITCASE and many others.

Ann Holmes Headshot

Ann Holmes

Adventure Pending Co-Founder

Adventure Pending Co-Founder. Freelance journalist and travel YouTuber (@FarFromHolmes).

Matt Lynch Author Profile Image

Matt Lynch


Matt is a freelance travel writer and filmmaker specialising in outdoor adventures. In recent years, he has wild camped along 500 miles of long-distance hiking trails in the United Kingdom.

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