About Adventure Pending

We’re Adam and Ann and in October 2019, we set out on an around-the-world trip without any intentions of returning for at least 12 months. Thanks to that pesky COVID, we lasted just 5.

APA Hotel Selfie
Our favourite place in the World - An APA Hotel, Japan

But the dream of travelling the world isn’t one that goes away with a handful of countries under our belts and the travel bug (not a mosquito, thankfully) has well and truly bitten.

To keep our eyes on the prize and to help others looking to indulge in global travel, we’ve founded Adventure Pending with one simple goal – to cover everything you need for your next adventure!

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Meet the team

We’re a relatively new site, meaning the team is small and hands-on with everything from product testing to adventure marketing.

You can see our faces, a small bio and our social links below.

Adam Mace Headshot

Adam Mace

Adventure Pending Co-Founder

Adventure Pending Co-Founder. Content Writer. Mechanical Engineering Graduate (MEng). Pancake and Petrol Enthusiast.

Ann Holmes Headshot

Ann Holmes

Adventure Pending Co-Founder

Adventure Pending Co-Founder. Freelance journalist and travel YouTuber (@FarFromHolmes).