Best packing cubes for backpacking

Packing cubes play an essential role in any trip. Streamline your luggage and keep your belongings organised with our top packing cube picks.

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packing cubes for backpacking

Packing cubes are the best way to pack for your next trip. They can help you to fit more into your backpack, find items easier, and streamline the packing process.

You’ll find compression packing cubes, multi-coloured packing cubes, waterproof packing cubes, and a whole lot more on the market. But which are the best for backpackers specifically?

We all want backpacking items that are cheap and cheerful – ones that do the job without breaking the bank. We also want them to arrive quickly, so all of our packing cubes for backpacking are on Amazon. With that in mind, here are our favourites. 

Author’s top pick

Osprey Packing Cubes

Osprey Europe Ultralight Packing Cube Set

1. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes

Eagle Creek packing cubes are always a great place to start. The brand has really created a name for itself over the years, and its backpacking range is very high-quality. 

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

These compression packing cubes on Amazon are great for the over-packer, as you can squash your clothes down to basically nothing. Beware, though – this might make for a pretty heavy backpack if you’re not careful!

These packing cubes for backpacking are also washable, ultra-lightweight, and water repellant. And it’s not just us that love these packing cubes – the reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. 

2. Eono Packing Cubes by Amazon

I know what you’re thinking – packing cubes made by Amazon can’t be any good, right? The truth is, I took a set of these on my first backpacking trip and they did a fantastic job.

Eono Packing Cubes

They’re the king of cheap packing cubes for backpacking and come in an 8-piece set, so you don’t have to shop around for individual pieces.

This set comes with three large bags for clothes, one covered discreet bag for underwear, one shoes bag, one toiletry bag, one laundry bag, and one flat bag for smaller items. These packing cubes are water-resistant and breathable to keep your backpacking essentials clean and dry.

3. Gonex Packing Cubes

You might have heard other backpackers talking about Gonex compression packing cubes, and there’s a strong reason why.

Gonex Packing Cubes

These affordable bags come in a convenient set of 5 and are water-resistant, lightweight, and durable.

These packing cubes for backpacking also come in a range of colours, meaning your belongings will stand out from others in a busy hostel. Make space for more items in your backpack using the compression zips on each bag – Gonex recommends rolling your clothing for the best results.

4. Osprey Europe Ultralight Packing Cube Set

Another big name in the business – Osprey packing cubes are some of the best out there.

Author’s choice: best packing cubes

The Osprey Ultralight Packing Cube set is our overall best buy when shopping for packing cubes

Osprey Packing Cubes

This set comes with one small, one medium, and one large nylon packing cube – but you also have the option to purchase additional items on Amazon. 

These bags are some of the best packing cubes for backpacking you’ll find- they fit easily into a 55L backpack like the Osprey Fairview, and provide plenty of room for your belongings. In practice, these packing cubes are super sturdy and much lighter than others on the market.

5. Pro Packing Cubes for Backpacking

These Pro packing cubes are said to reduce luggage bulk by up to 3 0% – think of all that extra room for souvenirs!!

Pro Packing Cubes

This set of small, medium, and large packing cubes for backpacking is on Amazon for a fantastic price and makes travelling super easy.

They’re made from water-resistant fabric and have premium, easy gliding zippers so you’ll never have to fight with your packing cubes in the middle of a hostel. Pro packing cubes come in eight colours and have over 1600 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know they’ll fit the bill. 

So, what are the best packing cubes for backpacking?

Truth is, if you choose any of the options above, you know you’re buying high-quality packing cubes that will travel with you for years.

If you’re after cheap packing cubes for a shorter trip, we suggest the Eono packing cubes by Amazon. If you’re looking to invest for long-term travel, however, go for the Eagle Creek packing cubes and build your collection over time. 

Packing cubes FAQ

Have a couple more questions about packing cubes? Check our packing cube FAQ below.

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