Craghoppers CO2Renu Fleece review

Made from the pollution of a Chinese steel mill. The Craghoppers CO2Renu fleece is a cutting-edge garment with world-changing capabilities.

Craghoppers CO2RENU Fleece AW23 (2 of 6)
  • 100% recycled materials (30% from CO2)
  • Cutting-edge, ISPO award-winner
  • Men’s & women’s sizing
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Not a particularly technical piece
  • Sizes: Men’s (S-XXL), Women’s (8-20)
  • Weight: Men (315g), Women (280g)
  • Materials: 70% recycled, 30% Bio3 Smart Polyester

Craghoppers CO2Renu Fleece Review 

Looks good. Feels great. Is good for the environment. That’s the trio of accolades the Craghoppers CO2Renu fleece has earned. It’s all thanks to the clever team behind the material design. 

Known as the CO2Renu, the cutting-edge technology earned an ISPO award from the prestigious Munich show. The process uses carbon waste as the building blocks for their polyester blends. Industry experts, Lanzatech, worked with Craghoppers to bring the project to life. 

Craghoppers CO2RENU Fleece AW23 (3 of 6)

The traditional humble fleece gets a green makeover with 100% recycled fabric. 30% of this fabric is made from recycled carbon emissions. The technology is best thought of as an alternative to recycled plastic bottles. A simple 3-part process details the science behind the recycling:

  1. Intercepting carbon emissions
  2. Fermenting carbon into liquid ethanol
  3. Polymerizing it into fabric

The process removes carbon emissions that would otherwise be emitted into the environment as CO2. This works to reduce the fabric’s carbon footprint. You can learn more about the CO2Renu technology at the Craghoppers website.

Craghoppers CO2RENU Fleece AW23 (4 of 6)

In the fleece lineup, waste is also minimized in the design and manufacturing process. Newage 3D modelling removed the need for wasteful prototypes. Lapped seams are also used to minimize waste materials without compromising quality. 

The fleece lineup is an initial collection of four. Full and half-zip options are available in both men’s (S-XXL) and women’s sizes (8-20. The men’s fleece benefits from a slimline design. The women’s focuses on a relaxed fit with a dropped shoulder. A variety of colours (pictured: Ecru, Half Zip) are available.

Each fleece is simple in design. A half or full-zip fastening joins twin zipped handwarmer pockets. There’s a lifetime guarantee on the CO2Renu fleece lineup.

Craghoppers CO2RENU Fleece AW23 (6 of 6)

Overall verdict – Craghoppers CO2Renu Fleece

The Craghoppers CO2Renu fleece is an exciting launch for the brand. The cutting-edge manufacturing process is genuinely innovative and we’re excited to see where it can be taken.

The fleece itself is incredibly comfortable and perfect for the cooler months. It may lack a little in the technical department, but for a casual/simple walking/camping fleece – it’s a great, inexpensive option. It’s fantastic to see Craghoppers back on top form. 

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