Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco 250 Tent Review

Craghoppers tents are always great for outdoor adventures on a budget. Here’s our full review of the Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco 250 tent, including a full video pitching guide.

Pack Size8
  • All-in-one pitching
  • Great ventilation
  • Porch for storing gear
  • Small pack size
  • Lower Hydrostatic Head than other models
  • We recommend additional tent pegs
  • Occupancy: Two-person
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Internal dimensions 2.2m x 1.35m x 0.95m
  • Suitable for: Camping, backpacking

Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco 250 Tent Review

Craghoppers is quickly becoming an Adventure Pending favourite thanks to its fresh take on old-school gear and its effort to design products that really work.

You might know the British outdoor clothing brand for its colourful fleeces and t-shirts, but it’s clear that a shift is taking place. Now enjoy sun-protective clothing, lightweight camping gear, and even a range of anti-insect travel garments directly from the Craghoppers site.

Finding a comfortable two-person tent is a near-impossible task. Purchasing a lightweight tent often means sacrificing headspace and features, while options with all the latest mod-cons can get heavy and difficult to carry on your back when wild camping.

This is where the Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco 250 comes in. The Trevelyan is built for two people and weighs just under three kilos, making it perfect for slotting into your trekking pack. You will find just the right amount of features on this Craghoppers tent, providing comfort whilst keeping simplicity at the forefront.

Here’s our full review of the Trevelyan Eco 250 – we’ll walk you through a full pitching guide, the tent’s features, and the technology in use below.

Craghoppers Trevelyan pitching guide

After a practice run, the Trevelyan should take you less than 10 minutes to pitch. The tent’s all-in-one style means you can put it together in rainy conditions without ruining the inner, and you don’t need to worry about bugs working their way into the lining. 

We recommend two pairs of hands to efficiently build the Trevelyan, as demonstrated in the video below. The tent is small enough to pitch solo if you need to – it might just take a few extra minutes and a small balancing act to get everything together.

Set up your guy lines before camping with this Craghoppers tent for the first time. The Trevelyan comes with its own cord tensioners that make it easy to adjust your ropes throughout the day/night without having to change the placement of your tent pegs. If you’re unsure how to set up your Craghoppers guy lines, we recommend this helpful guide from Nature Calls Outdoors

Trevelyan Eco 250 pitching video

Once your guy lines are good to go, this tent works similarly to other two-person options on the market – lay it out, insert your poles, and peg everything into place. The Trevelyan comes with just enough lightweight stakes to pitch the full tent, but we recommend purchasing spares just in case. The Sea to Summit pegs featured in our guide to upgrading your budget tent are a great option.

It’s much easier to view a video on pitching the Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco than it is to read about it, so take a look at our pitching guide below for extra help in putting your new purchase together.

Outside the Craghoppers 2-person tent

The Trevelyan Eco 250 is a lightweight tent made from recycled polyester. It packs away into a 43x20x20cm carry bag with compression straps, which is easy to store in your car or rucksack.

The tent kit is complete with an all-in-one fly sheet and inner, two lightweight 8.5mm aluminium poles, a set of 16 stakes, and guy lines with tensioners. We recommend purchasing a mallet or stake hammer to help with pitching and to avoid damaging your tent pegs.

Both the fly sheet and ground sheet have been treated with an EcoShield DWR finish, helping to keep wet weather at bay. This tent has a Hydrostatic Head of 3,000mm, which is less than others out there, but provides ample protection in moderate downpours. 

To keep the waterproofing working at its best, we recommend applying a coat of Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof Spray to your tent every few uses. This maintains water repellency whilst also protecting against UV degradation. We have a full guide on how to clean and reproof your tent that’s full of waterproofing tips and tricks, should you need it.

Inside the Trevelyan Eco 250

Access to the Trevelyan Eco is found via the front porch. The porch area is protected using the same waterproof flysheet as the main tent, meaning you can use it to store wet gear and shoes.

This tent is extremely spacious with enough room for two campers. The Trevelyan also provides way more headroom than your usual backpacking tent, meaning you can move around, set up your sleep system, and change clothes easily.

You won’t find too many features on this budget-friendly backpacking tent, but you will find a couple of pockets in the main inner and several handy door pockets. Use these to store away your main porch door when not in use, allowing you to enjoy the views beyond or make room for a bit of fresh air. Remember to always keep the zip to your inner closed, avoiding unwanted bugs from entering your sleeping space!

We were also very impressed with the ventilation on this Craghoppers tent. A large vent towards the back works well to minimise moisture and keep the inner at a good temperature. Combined with our condensation prevention tips, we easily kept humidity out and managed a comfortable and dry night’s sleep.

Materials and sustainability

Craghoppers provides budget-friendly camping gear that aims to be sustainable as possible. This particular tent is made from 100% recycled polyester, from around 90 recycled bottles. The brand’s sustainability promise makes clear that 100 million plastic bottles have been recycled and made into Craghoppers gear since 2015. 

If you ever have any issues with your Trevelyan Eco 250, it’s important to note that all Craghoppers products are guaranteed for life. Here’s how it works:

  • Keep your proof of purchase.
  • Register your guarantee online.
  • Report any issues with your gear to the Craghoppers customer service team.
  • Following approval Craghoppers will arrange for your item to be replaced with the same or a like-for-like product.

We love that Craghoppers also offers a free repair service via Timpson, where eligible. The children’s charity Newlife takes the brand’s returns and end-of-line stock to sell, raising funds to invest in life-saving equipment for disabled and terminally ill children. 

In the future, we’d like to see Craghoppers offer a specific replacement service for tent poles. It can be difficult to source replacements without getting hold of a whole new tent, which doesn’t support the Craghoppers sustainability report.

Overall verdict

The Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco 250 is the perfect tent for campers who enjoy space and comfort. We love the product’s available headroom, fantastic ventilation, and simple features to make your life on the trail that little bit easier. It’s also great that this tent makes use of an all-in-one design, meaning you can pitch in the wind and rain with very few issues.

To improve this tent, we’d love Craghoppers to pack a few extra tent pegs into each stuff sack. Most experienced campers will have spares at the ready, but this budget-friendly tent should ideally cater to complete beginners.

If you can source a mallet and a couple of additional stakes, the Craghoppers Trevelyan will provide the perfect summer camping experience.

Find the best price

Craghoppers Trevelyan 2-person tent, green

FAQ: Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco 250 Tent

Have a question about the Craghoppers Trevelyan 250 tent? Check out our FAQ below where we aim to answer the most popular questions.

The Craghoppers Trevelyan Eco 250 can comfortably fit two people with a small amount of space for bags and other camping equipment. When suitable, we recommend using the tent’s porch to store gear, allowing for extra room inside.

Craghoppers has a fantastic stance on sustainability which makes the Trevelyan pretty eco-friendly. Not only is the tent made from around 90 recycled bottles, but you can also guarantee your product for life online which allows you to access free repairs where possible. The brand also donates its returns and end-of-line stock to reduce waste.

The Trevelyan Eco 250 is great for wild camping, weighing in at 2.8kg with a small pack size of 43x20x20 cm. After a practice run, this tent should take you less than 10 minutes to pitch when out on the fells.

The Craghoppers Trevelyan is waterproof with an outer Hydrostatic Head of 3,000mm. The groundsheet has a HH of 6,000mm – we’d like to see this increased in later models.

Haven’t found the answer to your question here? Reach out to the Adventure Pending team over on our socials and we’ll get back to you with tailored tent advice!

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