Osprey Fairview Trek 50 Review

Introducing the Osprey Fairview Trek 50L backpack – the perfect pack for the minimalist traveller. This great 50L backpack is easy to pack, carry, and lift- meaning you’ll never run into any issues. It’s also full of snazzy features which will help to make your trip run just that *little* bit smoother. Here’s our Osprey Fairview Trek 50 review.

Please note: The Fairview 50 is currently out of stock across most retailers as we await the 2022 pack. However, the Fairview 70L is still available and is massively discounted right now! View the Fairview 70 on Amazon or Blacks.

Fairview Trek 50L
  • Opens like a suitcase for easy packing
  • Tailored to the female frame
  • Comes with a free Aircover™ to protect the bag in transit and adverse weather

Osprey Fairview 50 Backpack Review

If you’re looking for a great 50L backpack, chances are you’ve already travelled with a bigger bag or want to jump straight in the deep end.

After looking at Osprey travel packs for a while, you’ll notice that a lot of the bags have very similar names- so let’s break this one down:

  • ‘Fairview’ means the pack is built for females, as opposed to the Farpoint, built for males. 
  • The Trek version of this pack is built differently to the original Fairview. This pack is trek-ready, meaning it is built to fit well on the back when hiking and features the same U-Zip opening for easy access.

While this bag doesn’t have the additional daypack that comes with the original, it does come with an Aircover to protect it during transit and adverse weather.

Fairview Trek 50L

Outside the backpack

The Fairview Trek 50 is a combination of features from Osprey’s very best travel backpacks. It’s made from robust fabric and covered in chunky handles, pockets, and attachments to make using it as easy and convenient as possible. 

The pack has an ‘AirSpeed’ mesh panel running down the back to make it easy and comfortable to wear. This means the Fairview Trek won’t rub against you and provides a ventilation pocket that’s very much needed in warmer climates. 

It’s also important to note that this bag isn’t just categorized as a female pack for no reason. The Fairview is specifically tailored to the female body, meaning you’ll find extra padding around the shoulders and waist, and straps in all the right places.

The Fairview Trek comes with an Aircover™ which is stored in the top of the pack. This can be used to protect the bag both in transit and during heavy rain or snow. The cover is easy to put over the bag but does prevent easy access to the back straps.  Unless you leave the cover unzipped, you’ll need to carry the bag using the Aircover’s handle.

Fairview Trek 50L

Inside the backpack

A 50L backpack is a pretty good size for the experienced backpacker or general minimalist. While you probably won’t be able to pack that spare hairbrush or pair of shoes, this bag will teach you how to travel light. Gone are the days of aching backs and shoulders – the Fairview Trek 50 forces you to pack as little as possible. You might even be able to take this as hand luggage on some airlines, which will help to save you some cash. 

You might need to wear a smaller daypack on your front for easy access to your essentials, but try to keep this small. A bum bag or similar might do the trick without adding too much extra weight.

The Fairview Trek 50 also has a fantastic number of compartments. My favourite feature of this Osprey backpack by far is the U-Zip opening which makes packing and unpacking very easy.

You’ll never have to dive head-first into this pack for anything – team the Fairview with a couple of great packing cubes and you’re good to go. The main compartment is fairly deep and comes with compression straps, meaning there’s room for a little over-packing.

You will also find mesh side pockets, a separate top compartment, and a laptop pocket on this bag. I’m not a huge fan of the laptop pocket if I’m honest, I wouldn’t trust anything valuable in the top of my bag like that- both for security reasons and to stop it from getting damaged.

Fairview Trek 50L

Material and durability

This Osprey backpack is made with 420HD nylon packcloth, which is super lightweight but surprisingly durable -you’ll be able to use this pack for years with minimal wear and tear. The Fairview Trek 50 isn’t made with the Ripstop technology found in the original Fairview, but is still very unlikely to get damaged. 

This backpack comes in Charcoal Grey and Amulet Purple. The grey colour has a green/blue interior which tends to pick up dirt quickly, while the grey/purple interior of the other colour hides the odd stain much easier.

Fairview Trek 50L

Although we’re yet to test out the Osprey Fairview Trek 50, I’ve spent a lot of time up close and personal with the 70L version of this pack. They’re both exactly the same other than their capacity, so I can make a few assumptions about how this would do in the field.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m seriously interested in backpacking with a 50L pack. I took a lot of unnecessary items on our last trip, and I’d like to see just how much I could cut down while still living comfortably. It would also be SO LOVELY to move from hotel to hotel without breaking my back.

Fairview Trek 50L

Overall verdict

The Fairview Trek 50 is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to travel in comfort, yet pack light. It’s easy to carry, simple to pack, and has a countless amount of great features to suit every backpacker. 

With a number of separate compartments and an easy-packing zip feature, this backpack is the perfect travel companion, and I’m very excited to try out its smaller pal. 

Osprey Fairview Trek FAQ

Want to know a little more about the Osprey Fairview Trek 50 before committing to it? Here’s our FAQ on the bag…

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