Osprey Talon 22 Review

The Osprey Talon 22, brother to the Talon 33, is a tried and tested backpack with a fresh facelift ready for hikers looking for an upgrade in 2021.

Osprey Talon In Action
Osprey Talon In Action
  • Tried and tested design
  • Padded harness, hip belt and sternum strap
  • External hydration access
  • Bike helmet attachment

Osprey Talon 22 Review

The Osprey Talon 22 stands top dog as one of the best daypacks money can buy for adventurers looking for a place to store essentials when hiking, cycling or countless other outdoor activities.

There’s not much we don’t like about the pack thanks to a lightweight design (weighing in at just 0.9kg), sustainable materials and AirScape technology ensure a snug ergonomic fit.

It’s hard to beat the Talon 22 for the majority of outdoor activities.

Osprey Talon 22 Front

Outside the backpack

Outside of the backpack is where we’re going to get started and Osprey has updated the pack for 2021 and improved on their tried-and-tested formula.

The body of the pack is much the same as in previous years with a top-loaded shell offering a total of 22 litres of capacity for all your active hobby equipment.

The harness is exactly what you hope for when shopping at Osprey and come with shoulder straps, a sternum strap and a hip belt to keep the pack exactly where it should be. There’s great adjustability in the straps too, allowing for users to get the perfect fit, vital when hiking or bikepacking.

One gripe that some users have mentioned about the pack is the length of the straps themselves with some wearers noting that “not all hikers and skinny and slender”. This isn’t something that we personally found when checking the pack out, but it’s a point worth noting when looking to order the pack.

The exterior of the Talon 22 is full of features including an incredibly useful helmet mount, perfect for those looking to use the pack as a cycling companion. Additionally, users will find a handy trekking pole attachment on the hip belt, stretchy mesh side pockets and a stretchy front pocket perfect for storing light jackets or shoes.

Osprey Talon 22 Back

Inside the backpack

The true genius of the Osprey Talon 22 is highlighted when we open the pack up and peek inside.

A total of 22 litres are available, but it’s how you store your belongings that really wins wearers over. The main compartment is just that, a good-sized main compartment that will see the bulk of your equipment and clothes etc. This is used in conjunction with a useful top pocket, adding great structure to the pack.

It’s the storage details really set the Talon 22 apart though, firstly with the twin zippered hip belt pockets which hikers with experience will know to prove to be beyond useful for snacks and valuables when out and about.  Next up is the perfect phone-sized stretch pouch located on the harness, a game-changer when looking at storing mobile devices when on the move.

Osprey Talon Hydration and Trekking Pole Attatchment

Material and durability

The Osprey Talon 22 is constructed with sustainability in mind, offering a high-quality bluesign®-approved recycled high-tenacity nylon that we know and love.

It’s this nylon construction that really helps keep the structure tight and the weight down when using the pack, something that we’re incredibly pleased that the pack offers. Durability isn’t comprised with the obsession over lightweight and it’s a pack that you really get the sense that it can be thrown around and abused.

There’s a total of five great colourways available from Osprey Europe, typically the best place to buy when shopping in the UK, including Cosmic Red, Ceramic Blue, Limon Green, Eclipse Grey and our favourite, Stealth Black.

Osprey Talon Side Pockets and Stretch Front Pocket

Testing the backpack

As of current, we’re yet to get our hands on the latest iteration of the Talon 22, but with clear improvements over the previous generations, it’s clear that Osprey is on to a winner.

By all accounts of hands-on reviews and by checking the customer reviews at the Osprey Europe site, it’s clear that the Talon series continues to be a fan favourite in the backpack range.

Osprey Talon Hip Belt Pocket and Key Clip

Overall verdict

If you’re in the market for a multi-sport backpack that’s not only great for hiking but cycling too – it doesn’t get much better than the Osprey Talon 22.

The 22-litre capacity is spacious enough without being too bulky and a clever ergonomic design with top-quality ventilation ensures a comfortable pack that can happily be worn for days at a time.

It’s lightweight, it fits snug to the body and it’s an affordable option that pays dividends with the experience that it delivers.

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