Red Equipment Cool Bag Backpack Review

The Red Equipment Cool Bag Backpack is perfect for hikes, paddle boarding, picnics, and more. Here’s our full review.

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red equipment cool bag on ann
  • Completely watertight, airtight, and leakproof
  • Padded back panel 
  • External water bottle storage
  • Super lightweight

Red Original cool bag backpack review

Hikes are always better with a cold drink waiting for you at the end. The Red Original Cool Backpack is a fantastic option for hiking, paddle boarding, picnics, and more – keeping your food and drink cool until you’re ready for it.

We’ve been testing the pack over the last month, and we’re now ready to share how it performed here. Read on for our full review. 

red equipment cool bag

Red Original Cool Bag harness

The harness on this Red Original product has been clearly designed with adventures in mind. While most cool bags are cumbersome and difficult to move around, Red’s backpack design allows you to transport food and drink with ease. This backpack even has comfortable back padding and airflow straps to support movement.

We’ve taken the pack on a few small hikes now and it’s performed really well. The backpack is comfortable to wear, distributes weight evenly, and has a removable chest strap – bonus points are awarded here as the strap can be adjusted to fit your frame.

red equipment cool bag chest strap

It’s important to note just how easy it is to use this bag – its hands-free design means the wearer can also carry a paddle board, Red Original Changing Robe, or even use walking poles with ease. This is a complete game-changer and completely rules out the need for your typical cool bag!

red equipment cool bag

Outer features of the Red Original backpack

This cool bag has several outer features to help your adventures run smoothly. Our favourite is the pack’s water bottle pockets, which are a fantastic space-saving option for longer days out.

Store flasks here to keep water cold, or even use them to hold your empties while you reach a bin. These pockets are very deep and stretchy to secure your belongings.

red equipment cool bag side pocket

The Red Cool Bag Backpack has a stash pocket on the front that can be secured with a toggle. We’ve used this to store suncream in the past, but there are endless options here.

Additional loops make it easy to secure any extra items to the pack, including keys and sunhats. You will find a further zipped pocket on the top of the bag.

Inside the Red Original Cool Backpack

If you’re splashing out on a Red Original Cool Bag, you’re mainly interested in knowing if it’s well insulated, right? The reviews on Red’s site speak for themselves, but we can back them all up here – this backpack is fantastic at keeping food and drink cold. 

Good-quality freeze packs will easily stay frozen all day, meaning you can enjoy an ice-cold drink or snack at any time. The pack itself is made from lightweight recycled plastic bottles, so you can really fill it up without worrying about weight. 

red equipment cool bag

This already sounds great, but here’s the kicker – Red’s cool backpack was specifically designed to fit mid-sized Tupperware.

Gone are the days of stacking food on its side – you can now minimise the chance of leaks and distribute weight across the pack. Plus with 15L to play with, there’s more than enough space for lunch for the whole family.

Backpack material

Sticking to Red Original’s ethos, this cool bag is entirely waterproof, airtight, and leakproof. This is even true for the bag’s T-Bar zips, which are super strong and fantastic at keeping water out.

In fact, these can be a little difficult to open and close as they’re that strong, but we’re certainly not complaining! We’ve been caught in a couple of rain showers with this pack and it’s held up really well.

This backpack comes in two colourways – choose between grey and mustard. We’d recommend the grey to keep your bag looking newer for longer, but the mustard colour is super fun!

red equipment cool bag

Overall verdict – Red Original Cool Bag Backpack

This cool backpack has definitely levelled up our picnic game – it’s so easy to fill up and carry comfortably. We fill the pack with a couple of Thermos freezer blocks which stay frozen all day long and help to keep our food and drink as cold as possible.

If you’re a keen hiker, paddleboarder, or swimmer, you’re going to love taking this pack on all your adventures. 

FAQ: Red Original Cool Backpack

Have a question about this Red Original backpack? We’ve answered a few of the most popular queries below.

There are so many features that make up this cool bag! If you have any questions about the pack, please feel free to drop me an email –

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