Superfeet Active Cushion Insoles review

The Superfeet Active Cushion insoles are perfect for adventures of all shapes and sizes. Here’s how they could work to support your active lifestyle.

Trail Running in Autumn
  • Available in three arch heights
  • Patented Superfeet comfort technology
  • Moisture-wicking coating
  • Reliable support and comfort up to 500 miles
  • An ‘all-rounder’ – not directly tailored to walking or running
  • Available in high, mid and low arch heights
  • Softer support
  • Maximum thickness

Superfeet Active Cushion Insoles review

Superfeet may have been around for over 40 years, but the king of comfortable feet everywhere continues to impress. The brand’s Active Cushion Insoles combine the signature Superfeet shape with three arch choices, moisture-wicking properties, and optimal cushioning. 

We were incredibly excited to be gifted Superfeet’s hit release, which we’ve been testing over our last six months of adventures. Here are our thoughts on the Active Cushion Insoles.

When to use Active Cushion insoles

The Superfeet Active Cushion insoles were designed with versatility in mind. This means they’ll suit your ‘everything’ shoes the best – those you reach for when running, walking, or playing your favourite sports.

These insoles work best in moderate to roomy footwear such as trainers and trail shoes. We’ve found them to perform pretty well in boots if you have a little wiggle room to work with, but we’d always recommend a walking-specific insole to hikers.

We paired our Active Cushions with Altra Lone Peak 7 trail shoes. Superfeet’s Aerolyte™ foam cushioning works to provide a comfortable break from the impact of a zero-drop shoe.

The Active Cushions are a great all-rounder for your day-to-day trainers. We can’t say they’re perfect for running or hiking specifically, but that’s because they weren’t made to simply fit one sport – they’re around to support your feet through everything life throws at you. 

Here are our thoughts after six months (and hundreds of miles!) of testing.

Comfort level and customisation

Superfeet’s Active Cushion line is available in three arch heights. It’s essential to find the correct support for your foot type, so we love that Superfeet has tailored to everyone. The Adventure Pending team is currently testing the medium-height insoles.

If you’re unsure of your arch height, use the Wet Test or take a photo of the side of your foot. You can then compare your results with the Superfeet Insole Finder, which will also ask several lifestyle questions to find your perfect match.

The Active Cushion insoles are incredibly comfortable thanks to Superfeet’s patented Adaptive Comfort Technology. This works with your feet to protect every step and encourage smooth heel-to-toe turnover. Combine this with the brand’s Aerolyte™ foam to disperse the impact on your body every time you hit the ground.

Superfeet Active Cushion insoles in testing

Here’s how the Superfeet Active Cushion insoles performed over six months of extensive testing. We noted their fit, comfort level, and support over months of use to share with you here.

Fitting the Active Cushion insoles

We originally fitted our Superfeet Active Cushion insoles in July of 2023. It’s important to note that Superfeet’s sizing is categorised in letters, so we recommend using the brand’s size guide and Insole Finder to find your perfect pair. 

Adventure Pending editor Ann is a UK size 5 and wears medium-arch Superfeet insoles in size C. Editor Adam is a UK size 8.5 and wears medium-arch insoles in size E.

The Active Cushions were incredibly easy to fit. Ours moulded to our shoes really well, but it is possible to cut the insoles down if you need to. I’d consider exchanging for another size before whipping the scissors out.

Superfeet insoles in use

If you’ve ever swapped out your bog standard bases for a pair of cushioned insoles, you’ll already know the immediate difference we’re going to discuss here. 

Wearing a pair of Superfeet’s Active Cushions provided the same instant relief, except this never went away. We’ve continued to reap the benefits of these cloud-like insoles over miles and miles of wear. 

Our Active Cushions have supported so many adventures in recent months, including long Lake District summer hikes and light trail runs. We’re really impressed with their ability to support every step without hindering movement, clinging to odour, or making the feet work overtime. These invisible heroes silently work to fight fatigue and support your natural motion.

We have to admit that Enertor walking insoles work best for longer hikes in our boots, but the Superfeet Active Cushions are perfect for our trail shoes.

Are Superfeet insoles worth buying?

There’s a pair of Superfeet insoles to suit every wearer. Even if the Active Cushions aren’t for you, we highly recommend using the Superfeet Insole Finder to discover your perfect match, The brand offers tailored cushioning to runners, hikers, sports players, cyclists, and more. There are options for high-heeled shoes and even waders, should you need them.

Superfeet insoles really are for everyone, whether you’re looking to add comfort, relieve pain, or increase your athletic performance.

FAQ: Superfeet Active Cushion Insoles

Have a question about the Superfeet Active Cushion Insoles? We’ve answered a few of the most popular queries below.

It’s cliché, but the most effective Superfeet insoles are the pair that fit you the best. We recommend taking Superfeet’s Insole Finder test, which will ask questions about your lifestyle, foot shape, and individual needs to recommend the perfect pair for you.

Use the Wet Test – dampen the bottom of your feet and step onto cardboard or concrete to create a footprint.

If your footprint stays around the same width all the way through, you likely need low arch height insoles. If your footprint has a slight curve, medium arch insoles may suit you the most. Footprints with only slight arch markings often require high arch support.

If you have any questions about these insoles, please feel free to drop me an email –

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