14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible Nimsdai film review

“Even when you think you’re f*cked, you’re only actually 45% f*cked” – Nimsdai Purja’s brand new film of his journey to climb the world’s highest peaks is an incredible tale of bravery, courage, strength, and perseverance.

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible follows Nirmal (Nimsdai) Purja’s quest to climb all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter mountains. The previous world record for such a feat was just under 8 years – Nims completed the task within a 7-month window between April and October of 2019.

‘Project Possible’ was a quest not only to complete the unimaginable, but to put a spotlight on the Nepali mountain guides who risk their lives to take Western visitors up the world’s tallest peaks every year.

Nims completed the task alongside Mingma David Sherpa, Galjen Sherpa, and Gesman Tamang.

Director Torquil Jones did an incredible job of sharing Nims’ daredevil lifestyle as well as the difficulties happening in his personal life along the way. There’s a strong element of authenticity throughout the film – you’ll see interviews with the mountaineer’s family, the fight to fund the project, and even Nims starting to climb one of the peaks hungover from the night before. 

In an interview at Kendal Film Festival, Nims revealed how he captured the film’s footage without a documentary deal in sight. It was only in the months following that he met up with Jones to go through hundreds of hours of footage he’d recorded over the time. This means you’ll see the monumental risk Nims and his team went through to meet their target, alongside incredible creative direction using drone footage and interviews with the mountaineer’s nearest and dearest.

Nimsdai Purja’s current world records

Not only did Nims meet his overall goal to climb the world’s tallest peaks, but he also collected a further six world records in the process. By the end of the 7 months, Purja achieved the following:

  • Fastest time to climb the world’s 14 highest peaks
  • Fastest time to climb the top five 8,000ers
  • Fastest ascent of all mountains over 8,000 in Pakistan
  • Fastest time to climb all 8,000ers in Nepal
  • Most 8,000ers in a single season
  • Fastest triple-header of Lhotse, Makalu, and Everest
  • Fastest double-header of Everest and Lhotse

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible review

14 Peaks will have you in floods of tears, laughter, shock, and heartbreak. Watch from November 29 on Netflix and in select cinemas.

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