6 reasons why you need travel insurance

You’ll ideally never need to use your travel insurance, but it’s something you should always have.

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Depending on where and how you are travelling, there are many different options and plans you can choose to best suit your needs. 

Taking out insurance will give you the comfort and security of knowing that you will be covered if you suffer any unexpected (and often expensive) surprises during your trip. 

Here’s why you need to take out travel insurance in 2021.

1. Trip cancellations

Trip cancellation cover has become particularly useful in the last 18 months.

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The global pandemic brought the majority of pleasure travel to a screeching halt anyway, but there’s also a number of other reasons you might need to cancel your trip at the last minute. 

Family events, last-minute work, and illness could all leave you unable to travel- but knowing that you have trip cancellation cover can take the pressure off last-minute decisions. 

As many travel operators (airlines, cruises, and even some hotels) offer no or only partial refunds for cancellations, having travel insurance ensures you have a backup to get your money back.

2. Medical needs

Accidents happen! While the hope is that you won’t ever have to use your medical coverage, it is one of the most important components of travel insurance.

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Make sure to never neglect medical cover. Landing in a hospital in a foreign country can leave you with large amounts of debt if you aren’t properly insured. And if you’re injured badly enough to need evacuation, you might even be looking at a six-figure bill. 

In addition to covering doctor and medical bills, many insurance companies can also help with logistics, such as arranging transport if needed and helping find the nearest hospitals and clinics for you.

3. Flight problems

If you are a frequent traveller you’ve likely come across your fair share of cancelled or delayed flights. This is an inevitable part of travelling, but it can lead to additional costs. You might find yourself paying for a hotel for the night, additional meals, or even transport to another airport.

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Flight delays can also lead to missed connections and (depending on how your flights were booked) losing out on the cost of a flight. 

Travel insurance can help cover these costs, ensuring that you aren’t paying out of pocket if you get delayed while travelling.

4. Lost baggage

Even if you find the most unique looking backpack on the market to keep your belongings in sight, it’s still possible an airline could make a mistake when handling your luggage.

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While transport companies are getting better at tracking bags and ensuring they get to where they are supposed to be going, there is still the chance of having to suffer through the first part of your trip without your luggage. 

Having travel insurance means that you’ll be covered to buy essential items until your bags finally show up at your location.

5. Stolen items

Theft can happen to anyone, but it is particularly common while travelling.

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As a traveller, you are a walking target of cash and other items that can be sold or traded. There are many ways to help prevent and minimize the risk of theft, but you may still fall victim.

Travel insurance can help put your mind at ease, knowing that in the worst-case scenario you will be reimbursed for whatever’s been taken from you. Your insurance company can also help deal with lost or stolen passports and credit cards, which can cause major difficulty when it comes to getting back home.

6. National disasters

National disasters are yet another reason you should be covered by travel insurance.

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If you’ve booked the Caribbean vacation of a lifetime and the island gets hit hard by a hurricane two weeks before, it’s not likely that you will still want to travel. Taking out insurance means you have the option to cancel your trip due to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even terrorist attacks. 

If you are travelling and end up in the midst of one of the above events you will also be able to use your insurance company to help you check in with your loved ones and get yourself to safety as quickly as possible.

The best travel insurance in 2021

Chances are, you will never need to actually use your travel insurance. However, at times of need, you will be grateful to know you’re covered. 

There are many plans that are relatively inexpensive, and well worth the security they offer you. Taking out insurance means you can head out on your adventure with the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you won’t be paying out of pocket. 

We would always recommend Outbacker travel insurance to any backpacker that’s looking to take precautions before a big trip. The inexpensive solutions offered are top-notch and do not include Covid-19 coverage, but over 100+ sports including those on the snowy slopes.

There are many things that we can’t control when it comes to travelling, but being prepared isn’t one of them!

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