Top 5 Christmas gifts for a female backpacker

It’s hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for a female backpacker. While she might love a new perfume bottle or a state-of-the-art coffee machine, these things can’t be stuffed into a bag and taken halfway across the globe at a moment’s notice.

Ann wearing reindeer antlers and eating pizza

It’s also hard to take gift advice from a person on the internet. But don’t worry – this post isn’t written by a random copywriter. I’m a female backpacker myself (see photo above), and I know exactly what I’d like for Christmas this year- so I thought I’d share my ideas.

Here’s a list of 5 great Christmas gifts for a female backpacker.

1. Scratch Map

Travellers love to look back on the places they’ve been over the years, and a scratch map is the perfect way to celebrate them.

World scratch map

Your backpacker friend will love coming home from her travels to scratch away a brand new place on her map. It’s the perfect way to reminisce over previous trips, and an even better tool to help plan her next adventure.

Scratch maps are also great conversation starters when framed and mounted in any backpacker’s home. This gorgeous gift comes with a large world map and a smaller scratch map of Europe.

2. Hair and body bars

If there’s one thing backpackers like to do, it’s travelling as light as possible.

ethique hair and body bars

Not only does this make moving from place to place much easier on the back, but it also allows travellers to save money on flights. When you’re a female, however, this can be a little more difficult – you generally can’t wash your hair with just a bottle of water. That’s where hair and body bars come in handy.

These bars are a lighter alternative to carrying bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and shower gel. They’re also much more eco-conscious, cabin bag friendly, and generally less messy. We recommend gifting your favourite backpacker this fantastic trial set, so she can get a feel for what the fuss is all about.

3. Aeroplane earrings

A thoughtful jewellery gift that celebrates everything your friend or family member loves is the ideal gift for a female backpacker.

Aeroplane earrings silver

She’ll love a pair of aeroplane earrings- they can stay with her while she’s travelling, then remind her of all her favourite experiences when she’s home.

These sterling silver earrings are sent out in a cute jewellery box for safekeeping and have super-secure fastenings so they’ll never fall out. They’re also available on Prime – so perfect for last-minute gift giving!

4. Sunglasses 

It’s essential that every female backpacker has a good pair of sunglasses.


Worn to protect your eyes or to hide a serious hangover, sunglasses are a must-have and a great Christmas gift for a female backpacker. These Cardia polarised sunglasses are super-stylish and have a secure fit, making them suitable for hiking, swimming, and partying. 

Your female backpacker won’t necessarily invest in a good pair of sunnies for herself, so why not treat her? Luxurious, comfortable, and stylish. The perfect Christmas gift for a female backpacker.

5. Travel journal

Every backpacker should carry a travel journal to help capture their memories.

Adventure travel journal

Sure, Instagram photos are a great way to look back on travels, but they don’t necessarily capture the moment in full. Gift your backpacker friend a travel journal so she can record every moment of her adventures.

Whether it becomes a mini-scrapbook of photos and plane tickets or a place to note down every thought and feeling, she’s sure to love and cherish it. For an extra-special gift, add some travel-themed tap so she’ll have a way to add the bits and bobs she collects along the way. 

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