Top 7 destinations for a lavish summer holiday

Ahhh, summer. Hot sun, lazy days and long nights. If you’re dreaming about where to spend your next summer vacation, you aren’t alone.

Lake Como Italy

With everything going on in the world it’s hard to take a trip just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning! 

We’ve gone ahead and done the research for you, finding some of the best summer destinations (and winter destinations) the world has to offer. Whether you want to party all night or explore all day, we’ve got you covered.

Here is our list of the top 7 summer destinations for 2021.

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a volcanic island that’s part of the Cyclades island group.

Santorini Greece

The crater is located under the sea, and the island is built around the edge of it. Don’t let this frighten you away, though – the volcano is dormant and Santorini is a must-see. 

When visiting, you can expect to see crystal-clear waters, whitewashed villages, beautiful vineyards and stunning accommodation. Hike from the capital of Fira to Oia, and watch the sunset while sampling some of the best wine in Greece. 

For something different, take a trip to Akrotiri- an ancient settlement that is now an archaeological site. If you’re coming from the port, take the cable car up to Fira. It’s not only the safest option but also offers a picture-perfect photo op.

2. Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona is one of the easiest summer destinations to fall in love with. 

Barcelona Spain

Sitting on the northeastern coast of Spain, this capital city is famous for its rambling streets and wondrous architecture. 

The work of one of the most famous architects in the world, Antoni Gaudi, can be found across Barcelona, including the much-photographed but very controversial Sagrada Familia. 

If you eventually find yourself tired of trekking around the city, sit down and relax in one of the city’s many tree-lined plazas. While you’re there, enjoy a glass of Cava, which is the Spanish version of sparkling wine. Also, make sure you don’t forget to stop in at La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famous food market!

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is built around an elaborate network of canals.

Amsterdam Netherlands

The city is well-known for its Red Light District, which initially became famous for the red lights signposting its brothels, but is now a tourist mecca hopping with bars and restaurants.

You can watch a peep-show, or visit the Sex Museum to learn more about the district’s history. Many also visit the city for the novelty of its numerous coffee shops selling legal marijuana. 

While Amsterdam is definitely considered a summer party destination, there’s still plenty of other things to do. Don’t fancy getting the party scene? Jump on a bike and take a tour of the city. Better yet, see everything Amsterdam has to offer by taking a sunset tour through the canals!

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik is probably the most famous city in Croatia.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Located on the Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik’s large stone walls protect it from sea-dwelling invaders. 

You may have seen them featured in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but these walls are also a perfect place to view the old city from above. 

In addition to its charming features and history, Dubrovnik is also the perfect starting point for many beautiful day trips. Just a short ferry ride from the city, you’ll find the small island of Lokrum. Go for a swim in the calm blue waters, or explore the beautiful walking trails and gardens on offer.

5. Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is potentially one of the most beautiful places in the world and only a day trip away from Milan.

Lake Como Italy

Though it would be unsurprising to spot a celebrity or two, Lake Como is most famous for its scenery. 

The lake is located at the base of the nearby Swiss Alps, offering stunning mountain views. The funicular railway, which departs from the town of Como, is an excellent way to get a good look at the Lake in its entirety. 

You can then take a cable car back down, or hike one of many beautiful trails in the area. Though Lake Como is a more expensive summer destination, it is a favourite for many Europeans and travellers in search of pure beauty.

6. Okanagan Valley, Canada

Okanagan Valley is one of Canada’s premier summer destinations and best-kept secrets.

Okanagan Valley Canada

Located on the 135km-long Okanagan Lake, the Valley is famous for its hot, dry summers and world-class wineries. As a result, the activities available are endless, with the Okanagan supplying multiple lakes and mountains to choose from. 

Spend one day enjoying the water, and the next hiking or biking through some of the best mountain terrain Canada has to offer. 

Want to take a winery tour? You have the option to go by land or lake! Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy exquisite views alongside excellent wine and cheese. Temperatures in this summer destination often hover around the thirty degree Celsius mark, (86 Fahrenheit) so don’t let the fact it’s in Canada fool you.

7. Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Most famous for hosting America’s Cup sailing regatta, Newport is a small seaside city in the state of Rhode Island.

Newport Rhode Island

For anyone interested in architecture, Newport is known for its “Gilded Age” mansions, built by some of the wealthiest American families in history.

The destination is sometimes referred to as the “Sailing Capital of the World” and is home to the National Sailing Hall of Fame. In addition to architecture and sailboats galore, Newport is also full of cute shops and restaurants- most of them either on or with views of the sea. 

When in Newport be sure to try the “stuffies”, steamed clams mixed with other delicious ingredients to form a stuffing, which is then put back into the clamshell and roasted.

Our Top 7 Summer Destinations 

Whether you prefer mountain, city, or island holidays, you can’t go wrong with one of these beautiful summer destinations. 

Grab your camera, treat yourself to a new pair of sunglasses and pack that sunscreen.

With any luck, it won’t be long before you’re soaking up in the sun in one of these epic vacation destinations!

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