11 of the best adventure Instagram accounts to follow in 2022

We’ve seen way more duvet days than travel days recently, and the all too familiar work-from-home, stay-at-home routine can leave many (including myself) feeling a little stuck in a rut.

And while your mum, nan, optician, doctor, nail technician, pet hamster (you name it, they’re on the list) will tell you spending more time on your phone isn’t the answer, Instagram can be the perfect place to get a little dose of adventure while the world gets back to normal.

Here are some of my favourite adventure Instagram accounts I’ve found so far in 2022, so you can soak in a little boost of wanderlust. 

1. Adventure Pending

I couldn’t create a post like this without a bit of self-promotion, could I? Adventure Pending is the Instagram page run by Yours Truly. 

We’re based in the Lake District so expect plenty of summit pics, country pub lunches, and dirty walking boots. This is also a great place to keep track of us when we’re not posting – if we’re not online, we’re likely up a hill somewhere!

2. The Bike Dog

I’m not sure there’s anything better than a travel-themed dog account. The Bike Dog is an account dedicated to minimalist travel for two, following the adventures of Sox the husky and his owner, Michael.

The two are currently working their way around every state, national park, and forest in the US.

Michael used to ride with Sox on the back of his motorbike, but the pair transitioned to van life as Sox aged. Either way, the two are utterly adorable and their adventures around the US are enviable!

3. Elisabeth Mathisen

Though the majority of us can’t wait to feel the sun on our backs after a long couple of years in the UK, a part of me still craves a snowy adventure.

Elisabeth hikes and skis her way around northern Norway, often with her dog Ace in tow.

If you’re on the market for a good down jacket and are longing to hit the slopes, you have to give this adventure Instagram account a follow. 

4. TheLakes100

Back to an account a little closer to home – TheLakes100 is your place for all things Ambleside, Keswick, Buttermere, Wasdale, and more.

Home to The Lakes 100 map, this account shares all the places you’ll come across on your Lakes adventures. 

We love that TheLakes100 consistently shares the best places to swim, walk, eat, and visit, so we’re never short of items on our Lake District bucket list.

5. Nimsdai Purja

If you’re unaware of Nirmal Purja’s story, now’s the time to get the book and watch the film.

Nims holds the current world record for the fastest time to climb all 14 of the world’s highest peaks, beating the previous time by over 7 years.

The mountaineer, who started out as a Gurkha in his younger years, went on to join the SBS before deciding to swap the Special Forces for the mountains. Nims is an unbelievable athlete with a mindset we can all learn a thing or two from. If you’d like to learn more about him, I wrote a review of his Netflix documentary recently.

6. Ryan Lomas

Boasting some of the most incredible photographs we’ve seen on Instagram in a long time, Ryan is a Lakes-based adventure with an eye for sunrises, Defender trips, incredible viewpoints, and wildlife.

Think moody, beautifully edited snaps that’ll have you itching for an outdoor adventure. His recent Scotland trip really had us ready to head on a trip to the Highlands.

7. Poler Stuff 

Bringing the much-loved US brand to the UK, Poler Stuff is an account for roamers, seekers, loungers, and adventurers. 

We’ve been keeping an eye on Poler Stuff gear for a while now, but their Instagram account is one of the things we love most – full of fun adventure snaps and campers snuggled up in the brand’s incredible Napsacks. 

8. Chris Rogers

Though largely known for his YouTube channel, travel and action sports filmmaker Chris Rogers keeps an impressive account of his trips over on Instagram.

Chris is based in Cape Town South Africa, but never stays still for long. Expect plenty of wakeboarding, surfing, skating, and snowboarding content from fabulous locations all around the world. 

He’s is most known for his work with Go Pro, creating some of the very best footage we’ve seen from the adventure cam. 

9. Katie Goldie

Snow scene fans, pay attention: Katie Goldie is a Canadian travel photographer who spends the majority of her time in Banff National Park.

Get inspired to walk, climb, kayak, or swim your way around the world with this insane Instagram feed.

Although Katie isn’t the most active account on IG, it’s seriously worth seeing her posts from the other side of the world. 

10. Alex Honnold

Have you seen Free Solo? We’re just kidding, but you should seriously check out Alex Honnold’s adventure Instagram account to follow his life since that huge Yosemite accomplishment.

Alongside his physical achievements and continuous boundary-pushing, the professional climber founded the Honnold Foundation in 2012 – promoting solar energy to create a better world for all.

11. Elayna Carausu

Part of the Sailing La Vagabond crew, Elayna has been sailing the world for six years now with her partner Riley. 

The pair now have two kids, Lenny and Darwin, and spend their time on sunny beaches, swimming, and spearfishing. If the boat life sounds like a good fit for you, you’ll want to check out the family’s accounts.

If travel just isn’t possible for you right now, then we hope these adventure Instagram accounts will help to add a little bit of wanderlust back into your life. We really enjoy bookmarking our favourite posts to add them to our own little bucket list, ready for when we can get out and about again.

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