This summer’s top 5 camping fire pits

Nothing quite completes a weekend in the countryside like a camping fire pit, but it’s not always easy to find the best fire pit available in a sea of subpar products.

Fire Pit on the Beach

The trusty camping fire pit should be one of the main essentials of any outdoor stay and we’re not talking for warmth…

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire pit on a summer (or even a winter) evening with a fire roaring, crackling and dancing in the crisp air. Some campsites have gotten wind of this delight and have chosen to rent out their own firepits to cheery camp goers – but these typically come with a cost, and it’s frowned upon to take home to use in your own garden.

So, if you’re looking for a camping fire pit that you can use on the site, in the garden, down the beach or, well, just about anywhere really – we’ve got the best selection of fire pits for you.

Our top 5 camping fire pits

Looking for inspiration? Check out our top 5 camping fire pits (in no particular order) available on the market today!

Authors Top Pick

Wolf Grizzly - Foldable Fire Pit

Wolf Grizzly – Foldable Fire Pit

1. HH Home Hut – Portable fire pit

Amazon best-seller for a reason, the HH Home Hut fire pit, complete with free carry bag, is the best value all-rounder on the market today.

Author’s choice: Best value camping fire pit

The Home Hut portable fire pit is our top pick for campers looking for a well-priced, good-value fire pit

HH Home Hut Camping Fire Pit

The HH Home Hut is hard to beat as an all-rounder and is regarded as our best value camping fire pit.

The portable fire pit comes with absolutely everything a camper could need in a firey friend on a cold night in the UK. There’s the bowl itself, made of steel in a collapsible configuration to make packing away super easy. There’s the mesh cover, perfect to prevent any heat-related accidents and a fire poker, giving a dedicated tool to stoke the heat for additional O2.

But our favourite part of the pit has to be the detachable BBQ grate, giving campers the choice to cook hot without having a secondary heat source. There’s also nothing more satisfying than cooking over an open fire and if you’re not tried it before, we highly recommend it!

  • Good size diameter (52cm)
  • Portable and quick to assemble
  • Detachable BBQ cooking grill
  • Carry bag included

2. Surmounty – Portable Camping Fire Pit

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest and lightest portable camping fire pits on the market, the tripod design from Surmounty might the perfect pit for you. 

The Surmounty portable fire pit is a perfect companion for those looking for a dedicated hiking/lightweight option.

At just 960g for the whole shebang, it’s the lightest fire pit available on our list. The design is simple, utilising collapsible steel poles to create a tripod (quadpod, if we’re being picky) that keeps the flames away from the grass and towards the campers.

Thanks to the fabric base, when collapsed, the fire pit manages to pack away into the carry bag at just 24 x 10cm, easily slotting into your backpack with the other hiking essentials. It’s a small and efficient design that’s great for when less is more.

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to carry and assemble
  • Strong and stable
  • Carry bag included

3. Amazon Basics – Portable Folding Fire Pit

Say what you will about products labelled with the Amazon Basics branding, I know I have in the past, and put your prejudice to one side and take a little look at this tip-top fire pit.

Amazon Basics - Portable Folding Fire Pit

The Amazon Basics – Portable Folding Fire Pit is a surprisingly capable camping pal offering great value.

There’s a huge 66cm bowl primed and ready for logs and kindling with a fire grate included in the purchase price of the pit. A fire poker and carry bag are also included, keeping things stoked and tidy when it’s time to heat up or pack away.

Speaking of packing away, a clever leg design allows all four to fold into the base of the bowl, minimising space in the car when real estate is a priority. If you’ve not got far to carry the pit, it’s a great all-rounder for use both at home and on the site.

  • Great value
  • Log grate and fire poker
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Carry bag included

4. Wolf Grizzly – Foldable Fire Pit

The winner of the Adventure Pending best overall camping fire pit is no other than the Wolf Grizzly – Foldable Fire Pit. Not only does the brand have an incredible name for fire pit producers, but the quality of the goods are also sublime!

Author’s pick: Best overall camping fire pit

The Wolf Grizzly foldable fire pit is our overall favourite camping fire pit available on the web today

Wolf Grizzly - Foldable Fire Pit

Wolf Grizzly have got this whole portable camping fire pit game wrapped up with their stainless steel solution of creating heat wherever you go.

The design itself is an engineers dream, utilising good old 304 stainless steel to create an ultra-lightweight, strong and stable design that can collapse as small as an inch in thickness. The award-winning design transforms from collapsed to created in just seconds and an easy-clean removable base is the invention that every pit should “borrow”.

There’s even a premium carry case included with every purchase, keeping your fire pit safe and away from other camping goods thrown into the back of the car. To cut a long story short, if you’re looking for the best available, the answer lies in the link below.

  • Incredibly lightweight (Under 1kg)
  • Wood or charcoal
  • Easy clean-up
  • Carry case included

5. Fireside Outdoor – Pop-up Firepit

One of the competitors for the top spot of the best folding camping fire pit available comes Fireside Outdoors and their fantastic Pop-Up Firepit.

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Firepit is a fantastic choice for those looking for the best quality portable fire pit on the market today.

The patented camping fire pit design burns wood with less smoke than the alternatives in our list with the additional ability to go from burning to cool in just 90 seconds. A 60 x 60cm burn area offers oodles of heat for the whole family to huddle around with a huge capacity of 55kg.

Fires burn brighter and hotter thanks to the careful metal design channelling airflow exactly where it needs to be in the pit and at just over 3kg, won’t break the back when carrying distances. Ultimately, it’s a package that campers would be thrilled to pop out at any destination.

  • Pop-up design
  • Burns with less smoke
  • High build quality
  • Carry back included

The best portable camping fire pit

That’s your lot, for now, our top picks of the very best portable, foldable, capable fire pits that money can buy today.

If you’ve got a fire pit that you think is worth a mention on our top list, do get in touch and comment below – we read them all and talk about you behind your backs.

Let us know how you get on and enjoy your brand new portable fire pit!

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