Top folding camping table and chairs for UK camping

Our top picks for the best folding camping table and chairs for your next camping trip in the UK!

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The Best Folding Camping Table and Chairs UK

It’s hard to bring home comforts to the outdoors when you’re packing for an adventure. We all know it’s important to keep things lightweight and bring as little as possible, but if you can camp close to a vehicle or in a campervan, the sky’s the limit!

Camping tables and chairs are a great way to increase the quality of your outdoor trips. Most people choose to sit on the floor or in a lightweight camping chair, but this can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, the game is changing and you don’t need to compromise on comfort any longer!

Investing in a quality folding table set will revolutionise your future camping trips. You can now have a comfortable place to sit and read a book or play cards with friends. You can eat meals together as a family or set up a station to get some work done. 

With this new addition, your camp will become more functional, comfortable, and practical which will take a lot of the stress out of your trips. A week of beach camping in Cornwall or a countryside picnic in the Cotswolds will soon become a relaxing getaway with a few home comforts thrown in! With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best camping table and chair sets on the market to get you started.

Editor’s notes

Items which were once deemed too luxurious for a camping trip such as BBQs, drinks coolers, portable fridges, and camping tables are now all the more accessible. Stowing this equipment in a car or van and then heading out can make for a fantastic (and comfortable) adventure.

1. Best value folding camping table and chairs

The Dornoch folding camping table and chairs set is a great value option. It’s made by Vango, a reputable apparel and gear company that specialises in everything outdoors. This set includes a table and 4 matching chairs which can all be folded down easily. The kit can then be packed away into a storage bag and carried about for each new adventure.

At first glance this set may seem a little expensive, but you are simply paying for quality. This item is often on sale at stores such as Blacks and Go Outdoors which offers you the chance to pick it up at a bargain. 

This is also a set built to last. It’s made of durable steel which ensures it will survive the tough conditions thrown at it by nature, and each chair can withstand a 100kg maximum load. The table can hold an 80kg load. 

Although strong, the material itself is also relatively lightweight which makes it easy to carry and transport from place to place. The surface is waterproof which makes it weather-resistant and easy to wipe down.

The table comes in a stylish black colour which would look at home on a garden patio, at a campsite, or in a field. This is a versatile table set that is suitable for numerous occasions.

Vango Dornoch Folding Table and Chairs Set

Our pick – Vango Dornoch Table and Chairs Set

A sturdy and aesthetic table set with 4 strong chairs. A product that’s designed by a well-known brand and built to last. 

  • Made of strong steel
  • Easy to fold away and pack down into a storage bag
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Chairs are comfortable and fit spaciously beneath the table

2. Top folding picnic bench for camping

The Andes wooden folding picnic bench is an attractive and practical table – it has a strong aluminium base with a varnished wooden worktop and seats. No assembly is required as the set comes in one piece. This can then be simply removed from your car and unfolded for use straight away.

The picnic bench is relatively lightweight and is easy to transport due to its built-in carry handle. There is also a parasol slot in the centre of the table which is a fantastic feature for those campers who like to sit in the shade.

This folding camping table should last for years to come if you protect it from exposure to poor weather or excess weight. It’s important to note this table is raw cut in place,s and splinters can occur on the rough edges. However, this allows for a natural wooden aesthetic that looks great.

The aluminium frame on the Andes table provides a strong base, and it also has pins in place to stop the joints from folding in on themselves. This may be less sturdy than a set that comes with separate chairs, but that shouldn’t bother most as the functionality is still top-notch. 

Andes Wooden Folding Picnic Bench

Also GreatAndes Wooden Folding Picnic Bench

A characterful wood and metal picnic bench that wouldn’t look out of place in an Alpine resort. This table delivers on many fronts.

*Pricing accurate at the time of publishing.

  • Slot to insert a parasol
  • Easy to fold and unfold with a carry handle to assist in transport
  • Sturdy aluminium frame 
  • Looks classy with a varnished wood surface

3. Best lightweight folding camping table and chairs 

If weight is an important factor behind your decision, there are some great lightweight options available on the market for you to try out. The Helinox folding camping table and chairs are made from lightweight aluminium to keep the load as low as possible. The table and chairs must be purchased separately but work brilliantly as a set.

The Helinox table is made from a strong aluminium alloy and can hold a maximum weight of 50kg. The chairs are cleverly designed to support up to 145kg. 

The top surface of this table is heat resistant and easy to wipe clean, and the no-hassle set up can be stowed away in a convenient carry bag. The chairs are made from the same aluminium frame and the seat itself is built with a 600-weave ripstop polyester that can take a beating without tearing. This fabric is considerably more comfortable than other hard-backed chairs you may see on the market.

The Helinox table is relatively small. It would fit four at a push but is better suited for those camping in pairs. Both the table and chairs come with furniture covers, allowing them to be stowed for smooth transportation.

Helinox Cafe Lightweight Folding Table and Chairs

Upgrade pickHelinox Café Table and Chairs

A good-looking and lightweight set-up. Perfect for campers who want to keep the weight down and use this set in off-the-beaten-track locations.

*Pricing accurate at the time of publishing.

  • Good value
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Looks stylish 
  • Chairs are very comfortable

4. Top budget folding camping table and chair set

Keep things simple yet efficient with this Quecha folding camping table and stools set. It can seat up to four people comfortably, with room to expand to six people. This set has the biggest table surface on this list and is ideal for larger groups or families. With a clever design that allows the chairs to fold away and be stored inside the table, it simplifies the whole transportation process. 

The Quecha set sits at an excellent price point and can be purchased directly from the well-known high street brand, Decathlon. The full set is relatively lightweight which makes transport easy, and the table top is laminated and reinforced with a light aluminium frame. The table is then further strengthened by a set of steel legs and can be erected quickly with only two hooks required to prop the table open.

It’s important to note that this set comes with stools rather than chairs. This may not be as comfortable as other sets on the market, but there is plenty of space beneath the table to add a chair if you need to. In fact, the surface height of the table can actually be adjusted which is a really nice touch.

The laminated surface on the Quecha table is not as durable as some of its competitors, so repeated exposure to sun and rain will cause some damage. However, its metal structure is very strong and can take a considerable load. If stored suitably and used for the occasional camping trip, this set will last for years.

Quechua Folding Camping Table and Stools

Budget Pick Quecha Folding Camping Table and Stools 

A perfect budget solution for your camping trips. A lightweight and easy-to-use table that can seat 4-6 people.

*Pricing accurate at the time of publishing.

  • Table height can be adjusted to low or high
  • Well-priced item compared to competitors
  • Lightweight
  • Space for up to 6 people

FAQ: The best folding table and chairs for camping

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