Camino WP trail shoes review

The Adventure Pending team has always been big on boots – but this month, we’ve been putting a pair of walking shoes to the test.

  • True to size
  • Perfect for outdoor explorers
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Great grip

361° Camino WP walking shoe review

361 Europe kindly sent us a pair of Camino WP shoes to review – here are our thoughts.

361 Camino trail shoes

First impressions

It was clear upon unboxing that the Camino WP shoes were made for those in-between adventures. You know the ones – a dog walk through the woods, a short family hike, a quick stretch of the legs. Those walks where you don’t need your full hiking boots, but you could do with a little more than a pair of trainers.

361 Camino trail shoes

These shoes are great if you’re looking for the comfort of trainers with the protection of hiking boots. The quality of the Camino WP footwear was immediately obvious – these are sturdy shoes that are sure to carry you through your walks with ease.

Camino WP fit

These shoes are true to size and fit very well. It’s always preferable for walking shoes to feel snug, and these have ticked that box without feeling uncomfortable or leaving us with blisters. 

We’re also huge fans of the slightly higher collar on these shoes when compared to others we’ve tried – this has helped to keep our feet warm and dry at all times.

361 Camino trail shoes

There was no specific need for thick hiking socks here, so we chose to pair them with a pair of mid-cut socks from CEP Sports instead. These provide a good level of padding but are thin enough to leave the fit of the shoes unaffected.

Tech specs

We were quick to read up on the tech specs of the Camino WPs.

They’ve been built with 361’s super comfy Yushan 2 platform – these soles have Quikfoam running the length of them to provide extra cushioning and bounce.

The soles are built like a trail shoe, meaning it’s easy to find grip and traction on a variety of surfaces. We’ve taken these shoes over mud, snow, and wet rocks with no issues – they’re great neutral footwear that would work well for a variety of outdoor activities. 

361 Camino trail shoes

361 has moulded the heel of these shoes to help stabilise the foot. We don’t particularly struggle with plantar fasciitis or similar issues, but the Camino WP aims to support these – and we can see how. 

These shoes also have waterproofed uppers which clearly helps to keep feet dry in rain or when tackling wet trails. We would recommend cleaning and reproofing walking shoes to keep them working at their best year-round.

361 Camino trail shoes

Testing the Camino WPs

These 361 Europe shoes have performed really well in testing. We’ve taken them out on multiple walks in the last few weeks covering all the weather conditions March 2022 has thrown at us – they really have seen it all!

361 Camino trail shoes

Whether we’ve been walking along the beach or climbing peaks on good-weather days, the Caminos have held up well. We have also used them as approach shoes and even just for doing a bit of gardening every now and again. 

Overall verdict

If you’re looking for a great shoe for your in-between adventures, we would definitely recommend taking a look at the Camino WPs. We’ve loved testing them out over the last few months and they will be coming with us on a number of upcoming hikes!

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FAQ: 361° Camino WP Hiking Shoes

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We’ve covered a few of the most popular queries on the footwear below.

There are so many features that make up the 361° Camino WP hiking shoes, so we can understand if it’s a lot to take in! If you have any questions about the pack, please feel free to drop me an email –

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