The ultimate camping table buying guide

A hub for meal preparation, board games and quality time with friends and family, the camping table should be the centrepiece of the outdoor set-up for years to come.

Camping table with tea and coffee

From where we’re sitting, it’s clear that there are a plethora of different camping tables available out there. 

The camping furniture sector has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and the camping table choices have skyrocketed dramatically. There’s now a huge number of innovative designs and materials used to make collapsible furniture that you’d happily have in the home. 

Once upon a time, campers would be happy with a budget slat-based aluminium unit that’d simultaneously nip and freeze their arms in the morning – but no more. We’ve got a selection of some of the very best camping tables to feast your eyes on.

Author’s top pick 

KingCamp Folding Camping Table

KingCamp Folding Camping Table

Best camping tables for 2021 by category

Reading in a hurry? Not a problem – we’ll cut to the chase! Here are our top picks for the best camping tables this year:

  • Best overall – KingCamp folding table (
  • Top folding portable table – KingCamp folding table (
  • Best table and chairs – Deuba picnic table and bench set (
  • Top table with storage – Hi-Gear elite cupboard 3 (

Different types of camping table

There is a mindboggling number of different camping tables out there these days, offering a huge number of different options to adventurers.

From camping tables and chairs, camping tables with storage and camping picnic tables to folding and rollup camping tables – there’s a work surface, dining table or equipment holder for just about everyone!

Folding camping table

The simplest form of camping table, and arguably the best, is the humble folding camping table.

Folding camping tables offer a great solution when shopping for a work surface or place to eat when on an adventure in the great outdoors. A folding or collapsible mechanism is typically used to reduce the size of the table alongside the legs, making it easy to transport, store and set up.

1. KingCamp Folding Camping Table 

King for a reason, the KingCamp folding camping table is our number 1 pick for all camping tables available on the web.

Author’s choice: Best folding camping table

The KingCamp folding camping table is not only our favorite folding camping table, but our overall top pick

KingCamp Folding Camping Table

This simple, high-quality folding camping table from KingCamp is our favourite design for a great table for the outdoors. The table is both lightweight and sturdy with a quick and easy collapsible design that makes for a great table experience.

Anti-slip rubber feet, locking mechanism, heat resistance and water resistance features prove the KingCamp table to be one of the most capable on the market. The table weighs just 8kg, an impressive feat considering the maximum 80kg weight limit from the high-quality product.

  • High-quality folding camping table
  • Waterproof, heat resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Maximum load of 80kg
  • Carry bag included

2. Regatta Cena Camping Table

Few names in the outdoor industry are quite as large as Regetta and their Cena camping table is on our list as one of the best.

Regatta Cena Camping Table

The foldable table is one of the more simple designs that we’ve seen, but with the high build quality, it’s also one of the best. The lightweight construction and collapsible design make transporting and setting up the Cena a dream – it’s an incredibly easy-going product.

The collapsible legs of the table allow for the table to be set at different heights, offering a traditional high dining table or a lower ground table. It’s a high-quality item that you can really rely on.

  • Adjustable legs allowing for different height settings
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Stylish aluminium construction
  • Simple locking design

3. Oypla 4ft Folding Outdoor Camping Table

If you’re searching for a good-sized camping table that won’t break the bank – the Oypla 4ft folding outdoor table might just be your best bet.

Oypla 4ft Folding Outdoor Camping Table

This camping table is one of the least expensive options on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a place. The Oypla is a fantastic 4ft outdoor table that offers bags of space for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Just like the above tables, the Oypla offers height adjustable legs and a collapsible design that folds down to a briefcase-style unit. There’s a slightly lower maximum capacity at 20kg, but for the majority of purposes, this isn’t something that’s likely to be exceeded.

  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Large 4ft long folding table
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Lightweight and collapsible

Camping table and chairs

One of the most popular sets of outdoor furniture is the camping table and chairs. These are often bought in matching sets, ensuring that the chairs are guaranteed to fit the table and vice versa.

There’s a wide range of camping tables and chairs out there for every purpose, budget and person. We’ve narrowed down the top sets to our favourite three, perfect for your next adventure.

1. Deuba Outdoor Picnic Table and Bench Set

Sometimes it’s the simpler designs that prove to be some of the best and with the Deuba outdoor picnic table, the saying rings true.

Author’s choice: Best camping table and chairs

The Deuba outdoor picnic table is our favourite solution for those looking for a camping table and chairs thanks an ingenious picnic design

Deuba Outdoor Picnic Table and Bench Set

The picnic-style camping table and chairs are something that we’ve seen countless times before, but very few offer quite as nice of a design as this wooden design from Deuba. There’s enough room for four on this one-piece table and chair set making it perfect for family camping trips.

The portable design means the whole table and chairs set can be folded into a carry-case design and lifted via an ergonomic handle. There’s also an umbrella hole, ready for holding a parasol when it’s just a bit too hot!

  • One-piece camping table and chairs
  • Easy to collapse, carry and store
  • Plenty of room for families
  • Umbrella hole suitable for parasol

2. Andes Folding Portable Camping Table & Stool Set

The Andes camping table and bench set is one of the coolest looking solutions for sitting around for breakfast on the campsite.

Andes Folding Portable Camping Table & Stool Set

Unlike many other camping tables and chairs, the Andes set offers a pair of benches suitable for a total of four campers to sit around the table. Similar to the picnic bench style, the benches can fold down and be stored inside of the table when transporting, transforming into a briefcase-like unit.

The table itself comes with adjustable legs, allowing for effortless use on uneven ground and a parasol hole is great for those extra hot days. Overall, the table and benches are an impressive solution when looking for a camping table and chairs.

  • Strong and lightweight solution
  • Great looking camping table and chairs
  • Benches stored inside of table
  • Umbrella hole suitable for parasol

3. vidaXL Portable Folding Camping Table and Chairs

vidaXL offer a great, simplistic folding camping table and chairs for those looking for a budget seating/table solution.

vidaXL New Portable Folding Picnic Camping Set

The vidaXL camping table and chairs set doesn’t just offer a one-size-fits-all approach, instead, there’s a small selection of different options to suit all campers. Shoppers can choose from the standard four-seated and six-seated tables to the largest 240x60cm camping table.

The quality of the units isn’t the highest, but the vidaXL camping gear is a great solution for the budget camper looking for a simple solution for their next trip. It’s cheap and cheerful and will get the job done for amateur outdoor enthusiasts on short and simple trips.

  • Range of different sizes
  • Height adjustable table legs
  • Simple and easy to collapse
  • Includes ergonomic carry handle

Camping tables with storage

Camping tables with storage offer a fantastic solution as both a work surface and gear/equipment/food storage.

There’s a handful of great camping tables with storage out there, but we’ve narrowed down the selection to our top 3 available on the web.

1. Hi-Gear Elite Cupboard 3

Hi-Gear offers a fantastic selection of budget camping gear, including this fantastic camping table with a storage cupboard.

Author’s choice: Best camping table with storage

The Hi-Gear Elite Cupboard 3 is our overall top-pick for a camping table with storage thanks to a robust design and superior build quality

Hi-Gear Elite Cupboard 3

The Hi-Gear Elite Cupboard 3 is a great looking, highly functional camping table with storage offering 2 interior shelves. A durable polyester shell makes for a fantastic surface with a solid steel structure creating an uber sturdy design.

The camping cupboard is accessed via a zippered mesh door, keeping things as lightweight as possible without detracting from the quality. At 67cm in height, the surface makes for a great side table as well cupboard for storage.

  • Strong steel construction
  • 2 interior storage shelves
  • Compact folding design
  • Carry bag included

2. vidaXL Foldable Camping Cupboard

Heading over to Amazon for our next camping table with storage with the vidaXL foldable camping cupboard.

vidaXL Foldable Camping Cupboard

The vidaXL foldable camping cupboard offers campers a fantastic storage solution with a pair of high-quality, 600D oxford fabric pockets located beneath the table. The aluminium frame and MDF construction allow for both heavy loads and a clever case-inspired collapsible design.

The table stands at a height of 68cm, making for a handy table size that is great for the storage of camping equipment and accessories.

  • Large work surface
  • Great storage beneath table
  • Clever foldable design
  • Capable of large loads

3. FSDELIV Folding Aluminum Alloy Camping Table 

Don’t be fooled by the brand name, I haven’t just had a cat run over the keyboard – it’s our budget Amazon entry to the camping table with storage.

FSDELIV Folding Aluminum Alloy Camping Table

Although the FSDELIV folding camping table isn’t the highest quality item that we’ve ever featured, it is one of the cheapest camping tables with a storage solution available on the web.

The simple design is one that’s cheap and cheerful, utilising those infamous aluminium slats to create a lightweight solution with a fabric storage cube that can be clipped beneath the surface.

  • Budget-friendly camping table
  • Simple design with storage solution
  • Great as a side table
  • Includes carry bag

What to consider when purchasing a camping table

There’s a whole science to choosing any item that you’re taking with you on a camping trip – but dominant items such as camping tables can cloud the judgement just a little. 

Below we’ve listed a handful of important factors to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash in exchange for a foldable outdoor work surface.


The size of the camping table is a bit of a double-whammy when considering which to purchase. 

Shoppers must consider both the size of the table when constructed as well as its size when packed away. If you’re planning a minimalistic trip, the smaller the table can be the better. However, if you’re planning a more laid-back adventure with the family, you’ll likely be best off with a larger table. 

Don’t forget that you’ve got to cart your kit to your desired camping location – if you’ve got a large SUV this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but if you’re driving a typical British hatchback, you might have trouble with some of the larger units!


Size and weight typically go hand-in-hand and it’s no different here – you typically want a camping table that doesn’t weigh as much as a small child.

The majority of camping furniture is pretty good at keeping the weight down these days, but it’s always a good idea to check when you’re purchasing. As a general rule, we try to avoid anything that approaches the 10kg mark – after all, it is only a camping table and not the focal point of the home dining room.


The material choice of a camping table really can make the difference between an enjoyable and a miserable seating experience. 

There’s a handful of different choices available ranging from the traditional lightweight aluminium structures to ABS, PVC and even bamboo. The material choice is often purely aesthetic, although we will say that aluminium surfaces are usually freezing during the colder months.


The overall design of a camping table is just as important as the engineering and the materials that go into making it. 

Nobody really wants to deal with a table that they either can’t stand the look of or can’t get along with the design and why should you? It’s always a good idea to shop around, take a look at the tables above and find one that you really like the look of.


Finally, we’re talking about how the camping table folds up at the end of the trip – a factor that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Complicated collapsibility should be a thing of the past and with countless intuitive camping tables out there, there’s no reason to be faffing with awkward mechanisms. Life is too short for poor-quality camping furniture and getting your fingers trapped because of poor engineering is just not worth it.

FAQ: Camping Tables

Researching to find the best camping table for your needs? If you’ve got a burning question, check out our FAQ below and we’ll (hopefully) be able to answer what you’re looking for!

If you’re still searching for that all-important table info, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Adventure Pending table and we’ll be quick to reply and advise!

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