Enertor Walking Insoles review – Are insoles worth it?

Looking for the best hiking insoles is a minefield – here’s our Enertor Walking Insoles review.

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Buying new hiking boots without a pair of insoles to match is a huge mistake.

We made the same error for a number of years – after all, you expect an expensive pair of boots to already have a good set of insoles as standard. 

Truth is – the insoles usually found in walking boots are not designed to last as long as the boots themselves. There are only a few words to describe these footwear inserts – tough and thin. 

If you’re a hiker who struggles with your joints, experiences pain in your feet, or simply needs a little more comfort – it’s 100% worth buying a pair of walking insoles. We have been testing out the Usain Bolt-endorsed Enertor insoles for a number of months now, and we’re going to share why we rate them so highly in the review below.

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Editor’s notes

The Enertor insoles are some of the best that we’ve tested. With unrivalled support and shock absorption, our testing found decreased stress on joints and less muscle fatigue when compared with standard hiking boot insoles.

What are walking insoles?

Walking insoles are used to support your feet on every adventure – whether that’s climbing fells or strolling around the park. These provide further comfort when walking and are particularly helpful for those suffering from common foot injuries like pronation (feet rolling inwards) and plantar fasciitis (heel/foot pain). 

Even if you don’t suffer from foot pain or other injuries, walking insoles can even help to give you a little edge on your hikes. Insoles help to support tired or achy feet, meaning you will be able to get those extra miles in without the pain.

If you’re looking to take on a big hiking challenge over the coming months, it’s definitely a good idea to wear in a pair of Enertor walking insoles now.

Comfort level

Enertor insoles provide 89% more shock absorption than their closest competitor, and you can really tell. Even when placed in my old faithful hiking boots (still going strong after 9 years!), these insoles made them feel like new.

You will be able to see the difference in the Enertor insoles compared to generic boot inserts in the image below.

The comfort difference is wild – not only are these insoles much thicker, but you can really feel them cushioning every step to reduce the impact on your joints.

The insoles provide all this extra comfort without feeling heavy or cumbersome. They will mould to the shape of your feet as you wear them and are super lightweight.

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Enertor insoles for plantar fasciitis and other injuries

I’ve suffered from pain in the backs of my heels for a while now, and have attempted a number of things to make hiking a more comfortable experience.

I’ve tried padded socks, warm-up exercises, and changing my walking stride over the years. Nothing has ever worked as well – or as quickly – as these insoles did.

The shock absorption technology of the Enertor inserts paired with a properly aligned heel cushion definitely improved my stride, therefore supporting my heels much better in the process.

If you suffer from pretty much any foot issue – Enertor Walking Insoles are likely to help. Specifically, these insoles can help to support:

  • Achy/tired feet
  • Flat feet
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Pronation

In testing

We’ve been using these insoles for a number of months now – they’ve climbed Catbells, walked around Ennerdale Water, and even helped us to tackle Scafell Pike.

I’ve already shared how these insoles have helped me, but they’re also been great for Adam, too – he’s noticed a significant decrease in knee pain and muscle fatigue since he started using them. Hiking Scafell Pike puts some serious pressure on the joints, but this felt way less using Enertor insoles.

These insoles have also been a great choice for hiker Amy Ward, who we’ve been keeping in touch with over on Instagram. She’s walking the entire 630-mile South West Coast Path this year with partner Darren and has found the Enertor soles to be great in testing.

Amy told us: “The Enertor insoles are really comfortable –  their slim design is one of the things I like most. It means you can swap over from any original boot insole without adding much height and therefore being comfortable and versatile.

“The insoles can be wiped down to be kept clean and fresh which is great after a long, hot hike. After some serious ascents and descents, my feet were still comfortable and I felt my joints were more protected. Definitely recommend.”

You can donate to Amy and Darren’s hiking fundraiser to help support Mind, Dementia UK, and the South West Coast Path Association.

The insoles were easy to slide into our boots and quickly snuggled in. We would highly recommend wearing them in over the course of a few short walks to allow your feet to get used to them.

It’s also important to note that Enertor insoles aren’t only beneficial for hiking boots! They also work well with leather shoes and wellies, because we all know how uncomfortable those can be. This brand also sells running insoles we’ve heard others raving about if that’s more your thing!

Are Enertor Walking Insoles worth it?

Enertor Walking Insoles are definitely some of the best insoles on the market. If you’re currently wearing an expensive pair of hiking boots, it’s time to purchase some insoles to really get the most out of them.

On the other hand, these insoles can work just as well with budget hiking boots – helping to improve cushioning, stability, and support for your feet.

Check out Enertor’s walking insoles using the button above. If you purchase them, email ann@adventurepending.com and tell me how you get on!

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