Best camping kettle for UK adventures

From ultra-lightweight collapsible kettles to luxury travel water-boilers – check out our recommendations of the best camping kettle for every outdoor adventure.

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The Best Camping Kettle for UK Adventures

Whether you’ve endured torrential rain through the night, the tent has collapsed from high winds or your 3-hour walk turned into an 8-hour scramble – there’s nothing a good cuppa can’t fix. 

A good camping kettle is a Britsh staple that every household should own. They’re not just for those with a love for the outdoors – you never know when you’re next going to need a brew. 

From the ultra-lightweight collapsible camping kettle to the sophisticated electric travel kettle – UK campsites are littered with them in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a 2.5L stovetop or an alternative such as our highly recommended Jetboil Zip – there’s a portable kettle for every adventure. 

We’ve searched high and low to find the best portable kettles on the market for UK adventures. Here are our top picks for UK campers ready to sit down and enjoy a good cuppa in the great outdoors. 

Author’s notes

A cup of coffee – no matter how beautiful of a setting – is something I simply can’t go without in the morning. With a portable kettle that can be used wherever I decide to pitch up, I can start my day off right and avoid the dreaded caffeine headaches on my early morning hike.

1. Trangia Camping Kettle

Our top pick for a traditional outdoor cup of tea is the Trangia Camping Kettle, also known as the Trangia 27 Series kettle. 

This 600ml outdoor kettle (also available with a 900ml and a 1.4l option) is the go-to aluminium cookware essential for all UK campers. Weighing just 140g and taking up less space than the average tea kettle, the Trangia 27 is not only a great addition to the Trangia 27 Series Cook Set but a fantastic standalone item, too. 

The kettle is best used in the 27 Series cook set, but can also be used as a standalone item on a standard camping stove or a fire built in the wild (with land-owners permission, of course). 

Trangia Camping Kettle for 27 Series Cookset

Our pickTrangia Camping Kettle

Both a fantastic addition to the beautifully engineered Trangia 27 Series Cook Set and a wonderful standalone item. The Trangia 27 camping kettle is one of the top picks when making tea for two outdoors.

  • Lightweight and compact camping kettle
  • Strong and durable aluminium construction 
  • Perfect for the Trangia 27 Cook Set
  • Versatile and can be used with traditional camping stoves

2. Top collapsible camping kettle

It doesn’t get much better than the Sea To Summit Lightweight X-Pot for an ultra-lightweight, collapsible camping kettle. 

The X-Pot, available as a 1.3L collapsible camping kettle and a large 2.8L cooking pot, is one of the staples for folding outdoor cooking. The ultra-lightweight kettle uses a BPA-free, soft plastic construction that can withstand temperatures of more than 150°C when boiling water in the wild. 

The X-Pot can be used with the majority of camping stoves with the majority of tea, coffee and boiling water lovers using a lightweight camping stove and fuel cartridge to get things up to temperature.

With 1.3L of volume available (and handy collapsible camping mugs to match), the X-Pot is one of the top picks for a simple, collapsible camping kettle in the UK.

Sea To Summit Collapsible Camping Kettle

Also GreatSea To Summit Lightweight X-Pot

A collapsible camping kettle with fantastic credentials, the Sea To Summit Lightweight X-Pot is a must-have for ultra-lightweight camping. The BPA-free construction can be purchased as part of a larger collapsible cooking set.

  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Additional cooking pots and mugs are available
  • Heat resistant
  • BPA-free

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3. Best overall camping kettle UK adventures

The Tentock kettle with a foldable handle is our overall number 1 pick for the best overall camping kettle for UK camping.

With a built-in heat exchanger, the Tentock offers unrivalled boil time with even heating across the entire surface area of the kettle. With 30% more efficiency, campers will not only love the improved boil time but the fuel efficiency, minimising the number of gas cartridges used on a camping stove. 

The outdoor kettle is compatible with the majority of outdoor stoves and even portable fire pits. The foldable handle is highly insulated, preventing users from burning their hands when picking up the kettle.

With a capacity to boil 4 to 5 cups of hot water, the Tentock is a fantastic overall pick for UK camping.

Tentock Camping Kettle

Upgrade pickTentock Camping Kettle with Foldable Handle

With enough water for 4 to 5 cups of tea/coffee, the Tentock outdoor kettle is our overall top pick for UK adventures. Strong aluminium construction and built-in heat exchanger make for a fast-boiling camping kettle that can really be relied on.

  • A built-in heat exchanger (30% more efficiency)
  • Strong anodized aluminium alloy construction
  • Compatible with most camping stoves and ovens
  • Insulated handles prevent burn on touch

4. Top whistling camping kettle 

Our budget camping kettle also doubles up as our top pick for a whistling option with the Milestone Whistling Kettle taking the number one spot.

The Milestone Whistling Portable Kettle, available as both a 1L and a 2L camping kettle, offers a lightweight and great-looking option for boiling water on the campsite. The outdoor kettle can be used on the majority of different stove types, offering a fast boil on the go. 

At a sensible price point, the Milestone Camping Kettle is a great budget choice, ideal for short trips with a need for boiling water. Whether you’re washing the pots, preparing dehydrated food or sitting down for a much-need cup of tea, the Milestone kettle is a good choice.

Milestone Whistling Camping Kettle

Budget pickMilestone Whistling Camping Kettle

The Milestone Whistling Camping Kettle is a great choice for UK campers looking for a budget option without losing that classic whistling sound. With 1L and 2L sizes available, the Milestone kettle is a good option for both small and larger groups.

  • Whistling camping kettle
  • Great budget option
  • Both 1L and 2L sizes are available
  • Lightweight and great-looking

5. Top electric camping kettle 

Campers choosing a pitch with an electric hookup get the most options when looking for a kettle to use when camping. 

Our top pick for the best electric portable kettle is the Russell Hobbs Compact Travel Kettle, a small high-quality kettle from a trusted UK brand. If you’re looking for a semi-luxury camping experience – it’s these little kitchen accessories that really make all the difference.

The small electric camping kettle is a simple solution that’s not only great for camping but for a compact tea-maker for the shed, for the van or even on a boat (if you’re lucky enough to own one!). 

With a pair of camping cups and two spoons offered as a package, the kettle comes with absolutely everything you need for a plug-and-play solution.

Electric pick Russell Hobbs Compact Travel Electric Kettle

The Russell Hobbs Compact Travel Electric Kettle is a tried and tested portable travel kettle that’s great for making a brew on the go. With a pair of cups and spoons included, this kettle package has everything you need.

  • High quality from a trusted brand
  • Dual voltage with a low 1KW wattage
  • The filter can be removed and washed
  • Cups and spoons included

6. Camping kettle alternative

The Jetboil Zip is not only a fantastic camping kettle alternative but part of the editor’s must-have kit for any camping trip! 

The small stove isn’t just great for boiling water, but a full cooking system that’s perfect for 1-2 people preparing simple meals outdoors. We typically use Jetboil Zip alongside an AeroPress Go when making morning coffee. This can be a bit of an ordeal – but there’s not much better than starting your day with proper good coffee before heading into the hills.

The Jetboil Zip is the simpler of the products in the Jetboil lineup with the alternative being the Jetboil Flash. We would recommend the Zip over the Flash, but both are fantastic tools for minimalistic camping.  

We would also recommend keeping the Jetboil Zip in a waterproof dry bag when camping or hiking in wet conditions, but this isn’t a true necessity. Matches or a safety lighter are required to light the flame – but this is typically our preferred method when camping.

Alternative pickJetboil Zip

The Jetboil Zip is a fantastic solution for boiling water for hot drinks or when cooking outdoors. A uber-fast boil time, small size and smart packaging make it easy to boil water whether that’s on the campsite or on the top of a fell.

  • Insulated cosy – can lift and pour directly
  • Boil time of 2 minutes 30 seconds for 0.5L 
  • Powerful, reliable camping cooking solution
  • Small, lightweight and packaged together

FAQ: The best camping kettle

Have a question about the best camping kettles available for UK adventures? Check out our FAQ below where we address the most common questions about the best portable kettles.

If you’re still searching for the answers to your questions – don’t hesitate to reach out over on our socials and we’ll be happy to offer personalised advice for your next adventure.

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