Campingaz 400-ST Camping Stove Review

The Adventure Pending team was recently sent the Campingaz 400-ST Folding Camping Stove from Outdoor World Direct to test – here’s our full review.

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  • Powerful burners (2 x 2200W)
  • Simple setup
  • Fast boiling time
  • Easy cleaning

Campingaz 400-ST Camping Stove Review

A camping stove is an essential purchase for any trip into the great outdoors.

Whether you prefer quick and simple meals on the campsite or you consider yourself an outdoor chef, a solid working stove is something that should always be packed and ready to go.

Check out our full review with everything you need to know about the Campingaz 400-ST below!

Campingaz 400ST Burners

Setting up the Campingaz 400-ST stove

The Campingaz 400-ST stove was very easy to set up. You will need to purchase both a gas bottle and regulator to get the stove ready to go – this is compatible with both R907 and R904 butane cylinders. Make sure to attach the feet to the stove before using. 

We dipped both ends of the regulator hose in hot water for 30-60 seconds to prep it for use – this made it malleable and easier to work with. You can then attach the hose to the ribbed nozzle on the cooker.

Connect the other end of the hose to the regulator, ensuring a tight fit on both by sliding over every ribbed indent. Once complete, secure both sides with the pair of jubilee clips to prevent any leaks. 

To attach the gas cylinder, unscrew the Campingaz plug ensuring the valve is completely closed. Remove the small blue cap from the regulator and screw on the gas bottle. 

Open the regulator valve to release gas into the stove, and press the built-in ignition button. It may take your new stove a few attempts to ignite – you can use a safety lighter or matches to help at first.

Is the Campingaz Folding Stove practical?

We recently took the Campingaz folding stove on a trip to Syke Farm Campsite in Buttermere. This was a multi-day trip, so it was definitely worth taking a full stove rather than a small burner. With this, we were able to create hearty meals to fuel our adventures over the coming days.

As the stove folds into its own case, it was very easy to pack into the car and travel with. We packed its box as extra protection, but you can also just use the stove’s carry handle to transport it. Weighing in at 7kg, it’s easy to move the stove between uses.

When we were ready to cook, we could simply attach the stove to our gas cylinder as laid out above. The upper fold of the cooker worked as a fantastic windbreak, and we all know how important those are for camping!

After cooking, a quick wipe over with some washing-up liquid cleaned the stove ready for its next use.

Stove in use

Our trip to Buttermere involved a lot of hiking, so it was important to fully fuel ourselves between each walk – this is where the Campingaz Folding Stove came in handy. We challenged our new cooker on the first night by making chilli from scratch – this really showed us the stove’s capability.

The stove has two main stainless steel burners and an additional downward burner at its base that’s perfect for toasting and grilling. Push and turn the knobs while igniting to start cooking.

We made a full meal in under 30 minutes. In fact, the stove’s boil time was so fast that I actually had to lift the pans off the heat at times – though this was down to testing thinner pans rather than the stove itself. 

I was particularly excited to make breakfast on this cooker, and Campingaz didn’t disappoint. Adam whipped up bacon and eggs to start our second day on the campsite, and we also used the stove to boil the water for our Aeropress coffee with our camping kettle. We’re pretty sure this stove boils water faster than we can at home.

If you’re going on a multiple-day camping trip, we’d highly recommend taking a large stove with you rather than a Jetboil or similar. This provides so much more flexibility when cooking, meaning you can eat more than those expensive boil-in-the-bag meals. 

The Campingaz Folding Stove is a great option for those new to camping. Make sure to bring a lighter or matches with you in case of trouble with the ignition – but other than that, you’re good to go. 

Have you tried the Campingaz 400-ST Folding Stove? Let us know your thoughts over on socials – we’d love to hear from you!

FAQ: Campingaz 400-ST Folding Stove

Looking for the answer to a question about the Campingaz 400-ST Folding Stove? Have a look at our frequently asked questions section below to (hopefully) find an answer to your query!

If you’ve not managed to find the answer to your questions, make sure to reach out and we’ll get back to you ASAP with any details that we can help with!

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