Decathlon Quechua Two-Person Blackout Tent Review

Looking for a fast-pitching, no-fuss tent for your adventures? Here’s our review of the Quechua two-person blackout tent from Decathlon. Check out this easy pop-up shelter for effortless summer camps.

Pack Size7
  • Black-out room
  • Completely pitched in under five minutes
  • Makes camping easy
  • Light colour shows all dirt
  • Heavy and large packsize
  • Occupancy: Two-person
  • Weight: 4.9kg
  • Internal dimensions: 1.45m x 2.05m
  • Suitable for: Festivals, car camping

Quechua 2-Person Blackout Pop-Up Tent Review

Quechua is a name we’re seeing on more and more UK campsites. Decathlon’s very own brand is known for creating quality gear that’s easy on the bank balance, and that’s exactly what we’ve found in this Two-Person Blackout Tent. 

Using an easy pitch pop-up design, this tent hands back the time you’d usually spend wrestling with ground sheets and battling with poles. Instead, just use the simple pull cord design to assemble your home for the night in seconds.

The Quechua 2-person blackout tent comfortably fits two people and is perfect for festivals and classic car camping. This review will take you through the tent’s patented FRESH & BLACK technology, its wind resistance, waterproofing, and more. Read our full thoughts below.

Quechua Blackout Tent pitching guide

This pitching guide is sure to offer one of the shortest sets of instructions ever given at Adventure Pending! The Quechua two-person blackout tent uses a pull cord system at either side, allowing you to complete assembly in seconds. This works fastest with two people but is also pretty simple to pitch solo.

Here’s how to set up your blackout tent for the first time:

  1. Remove the tent from its bag and locate the two red pull cords.
  2. Pull the cords simultaneously to effortlessly assemble the tent, clicking each tent pole into place.
  3. Place the tent in your desired position.
  4. Peg the main corners down.
  5. Untie the guy lines, peg down, and secure.
  6. Enjoy your new pop-up tent!

Our concerns regarding the quality of this tent were quickly put to rest after pitching for the first time. The outer material is super sturdy, meaning we could put full trust in the pull cord system. We also loved that the guy line tensioners were already set up and ready to go, which is a rare occurrence across most budget tents.

After a few practice sessions, this tent should take no more than five minutes to pitch and peg down. The main pull-cord assembly really does take seconds as advertised, but you will need to spend a little longer to ensure everything is fully secured to the ground.

When you’re done with the tent, simply unpeg and push the buttons on the cord system to instantly fold everything away. Gather the material together and place into the carry bag for your next use. We always recommend fully drying out your tent before storing it for long periods.

Outside the Decathlon two-person tent

This Decathlon pop-up tent is made from PU-coated polyester and contains a fly sheet with an integrated bedroom, 12 tent pegs, and six guy lines. It packs away into a 59 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm bag and weighs 4.9kg. As a larger and heavier two-man tent, we’d recommend this for car camping and festival use rather than backpacking or trekking. 

The outer part of the Decathlon pop-up tent is water-resistant and has been rated using the Schmerber Scale.

The fly sheet has a 2,000 mm Schmerber rating, while the groundsheet is water resistant up to 5,000 mm. Most outdoor equipment needs a Schmerber rating of 10,000 or above to be considered fully waterproof, which means we’d class this as a two-season shelter. Make sure to reproof your tent regularly to keep its coating up to scratch.

The Decathlon two-person tent has also been tested in a wind tunnel and should remain habitable up to winds of 50 km/hr near ground level. This has certainly proved to be one of the sturdiest tents we’ve tested thanks to its thick outer material and strong guy lines.

Inside the Quechua 2-person blackout tent

Two people can comfortably sleep in the Quecha blackout tent. The shelter has a 145 x 205 cm bedroom which offers 110 cm of headroom. 

Wide-opening doors are found at either side of the tent, allowing fast and easy access to the inner at any time. This is particularly helpful if you’re camping with a partner or friend, as you won’t need to climb over each other’s sleeping setup to move around the tent.

There’s limited porch space here when compared to other budget tents like the Craghoppers Trevelyan, but the inner offers more room for backpacks and other camping equipment when not in use.   

Decathlon has built its 2-person bedroom using the brand’s patented FRESH & BLACK technology. When all doors are closed, this guarantees 99% darkness – even in broad daylight. This is great for sleeping but also helps to keep the bedroom cool during the day, making for comfortable use over the UK summer months.

A handy line runs along the top of the tent which can be used to attach a camp light or even dry slightly damp gear like socks or buffs. Pockets at either end of the inner are great for safely storing shoes, glasses, or phones whilst sleeping.

Large air vents can be opened up to increase breathability and reduce condensation through the night. We found the tent to be a little more damp in the morning than others we’ve tested, but it still performed well above its price point.

Materials and sustainability

Decathlon may be cheap and cheerful, but the brand also pays close attention to its sustainability measures. We can’t say it’s the best at looking after the planet, but it’s clear that Decathlon tries to play its part.

The Quechua 2-person blackout tent comes with a five-year warranty and can be repaired at most Decathlon locations. The company also stocks tent poles, flysheets, and other spare parts so you can keep your shelter looking like new over years of use. This is a much better process when compared to Mountain Warehouse, which prefers to completely replace slightly broken tents rather than stock and supply parts.

We would like to see Decathlon’s tents made from recycled materials in the future. For now, if you’d like to purchase pre-loved sports equipment, you can check out the brand’s ‘Second Life’ store.

Overall verdict

The Quechua two-person blackout tent is perfect for seasonal campers who want a small and easy-to-pitch shelter. We’d strongly recommend this tent to those looking to camp for up to four weeks per year, as well as eco-conscious festival goers (please don’t abandon your tent in a field, no matter the occasion!).

Decathlon has really shown the Adventure Pending team what it’s made of this year, and we’ll be recommending its tents to new campers from now on.

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Quechua two-person blackout tent

FAQ: Quechua Two-Person Blackout Tent

Have a question about the Quechua two-person pop-up tent from Decathlon? Check out our FAQ below where we aim to answer the most popular questions.

This tent comfortably fits two people accompanied by a small amount of outdoor gear. We recommend using the tent’s pockets and porch to store your camping equipment overnight, weather permitting.

This Decathlon Quechua two-second tent measures 1.45m x 2.05m and packs away into a 59 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm carry bag.

We wouldn’t recommend this tent for backpacking, trekking, or wild camping as it’s much larger and heavier than others on the market. Instead, we’d suggest The Backpacker from Mountain Warehouse.

Decathlon uses the Schmerber Scale to measure the water resistancy of its products. This tent has a fly sheet Schmerber rating of 2,000mm, and the ground sheet has a 5,000mm rating.

Still not managed to find the answer to your question? Reach out to the Adventure Pending team over on our socials and we’ll get back to you with tailored camping advice!

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