Ticket to the Moon Original Pro Hammock Review

Interested in ditching your tent in favour of a lighter, more versatile substitute? Here’s our review of the Ticket To The Moon Original Pro Hammock – complete with pitching guide and TTTM’s stance on sustainability.

Pack Size8
  • Fast set-up time
  • Spacious
  • Protective mosquito net
  • Integrated ridgeline
  • 10% off discount code – ADVENTURE10
  • Heavier than other options
  • Moon Straps not included
  • Occupancy: Up to 150kg
  • Weight: 950 grams
  • Dimensions: 325 cm
  • Material: Parachute Nylon 64g/m2

Ticket to the Moon Original Pro Hammock Review

The hammock was originally built by the native inhabitants of Central and South America out of necessity, rather than comfort. These sleep setups quickly became popular for preventing insect stings and animal bites when users slept through the night, by keeping the owner off the ground and out of danger.

On a trip to the West Indies in the late 1400s, explorer Christopher Colombus came across the sling-like beds and returned with several to his home in Spain. Europe took a strong liking to the contraptions, which were quickly adapted for use by sailors, soldiers, and other explorers.

The modern-day hammock undertakes a slightly different role. Now, these slings are more commonly made for recreational use, allowing adventurers to read books in the warmth of the sun, or sleep comfortably under the stars. 

Ticket To The Moon’s hammocks are built for this and so much more, as we discovered whilst testing the Original Pro Hammock very kindly sent to the Adventure Pending team for review. We quickly came to love the Original Pro, which allows up to two people to rest comfortably when camping or even spending a couple of hours under the summer sun. 

This review of the TTTM Hammock will share how to set up your sling for the most comfort, the features of this particular hammock, and how it compares to the brand’s lighter counterpart. If you choose to purchase with Ticket To The Moon, use our code ADVENTURE10 to enjoy 10% off your order. Let’s get into it.

How to set up the Ticket To The Moon hammock

If you’re hoping to leave the backpacking tent behind on your next adventure, you’ll be happy to know that Ticket To The Moon’s hammocks make it even easier to live outdoors. Mimicking a tent inner, you’ll only really need a tarp to complete your all-weather setup.

The only difficult part of hammock camping is finding the perfect spot to pitch. We recommend finding two healthy and robust trees that are around three metres apart, and staying at least 200 feet away from the nearest water source.

You’re also going to need a suspension system, as this is not included with the Ticket To The Moon Hammock. We recommend the brand’s Moon Straps, which use super strong webbing that’s great for use on trees with sensitive bark.

Follow our steps below to create a strong and sturdy hammock camping setup.

  1. Select your pitch and wrap a Moon Strap around each tree/sturdy object.
  2. Thread the main line through the loop on the other end of the strap to secure.
  3. Remove the Original Pro Hammock from its stuff sack.
  4. Attach the hammock’s carabiners to each Moon Strap, using the loop straps to find the perfect amount of tension through the sling.
  5. Check that your installation is secure and sits more than 60cm off the ground.
  6. Open the zipper and sit inside the hammock. 
  7. Tighten your lines if needed before swinging your body into the sleep system. It’s also possible to add or release ridgeline tension, following the instructions on the hammock.
  8. Position yourself diagonally for a comfortable flat lay. 

During the first few uses, you may find that your hammock creates a little extra slack to support your weight. This is perfectly normal – just adjust as needed after each use. The TTTM Moon Straps offer enough loops for readjustment over time. 

Original Pro Hammock features

The Original Pro Hammock from Ticket To The Moon guarantees the perfect hang every time, using an adjustable ridgeline that keeps its shape and helps you to maintain a flat back when resting. We recommend sleeping diagonally to get the very best support out of your hammock.

The main pro of this hammock, compared to cheaper options on the market, is its bug net. Hammocks can make for great lightweight sleep systems, but only if you’re protected from biting insects through the night. Pair this net with some of our other insect repellent tips and you’re good to go. 

The Pro also comes with a handy storage system that fits along the ridgeline, and you can use external loops to attach an underquilt like the MoonQuilt to your sleep system.

Ticket To The Moon Original vs Lightest Hammock

Here’s a helpful comparison chart if you’re currently deciding between the Ticket To The Moon Original and Lightest options. 

We’d always recommend considering your intended use for any outdoor gear before purchasing – the Lightest hammock may be better for backpackers and trekkers, but the price hike might not be worth the 360g difference for those only looking to hang out in their garden.

Ticket To The Moon Hammock Original Pro Lightest Pro
Price (correct at time of publishing) £111.72 £137.52
Weight 950g 590g
Maximum Load 150kg 100kg
Width 200cm 140cm
Material Parachute Nylon 64g/m2 (stronger, less stretchy) 41g/m2 Recycled-Crinkle Nylon (lighter but weaker)

Materials and sustainability

The Original Pro hammock is made from parachute nylon that can hold a recommended maximum of 150kg, with a breaking strength of >450 kg. The mosquito net is extremely effective, offering a comfortable experience without fear of bug bites or stings.

We found the sling to be extremely breathable, though we would recommend fitting an underquilt for overnight or cold-weather adventures. In testing, we even hopped in with our favourite dryrobes to provide a little extra insulation.

Ticket To The Moon is committed to providing the safest, highest quality hammocks available on the market, and we’re of the opinion they’re succeeding. Each parachute product is hand-made by an incredibly skilled team based in Bali, where all the nylon fabric is locally sourced.

The use of local materials and investment in recycling is really clear – our TTTM Moon Blanket even came with an eco-friendly bag made from leftover hammock fabric. The brand also has its own foundation, which works to develop education, culture, and health within the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in East Indonesia. Since 2009, the Ticket To The Moon Foundation has helped the local community build new infrastructure, prevent malaria, and create access to clean water. 

Ticket To The Moon pretty much ticks every Adventure Pending box in terms of sustainability, working conditions, and local community support. We also love that you can add to your hammock setup over time without buying a completely new product – new straps, carabiners, bug nets, and even ridgelines can be purchased without having to spend on a whole new hammock.

Overall verdict

Ticket To The Moon possesses all the qualities we love from an outdoor brand. It’s clear the team takes pride in its hammocks, which we’ve really come to love. Once hammock sceptics, the Adventure Pending team is now investigating sling camping for the very first time, and will be spending the foreseeable future reading, working, and chatting the hours away, suspended between the trees and under the stars.

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TTTM Pro Original Hammock in white

FAQ: Ticket To The Moon Original Pro Hammock

Have a question about Ticket To The Moon’s hammock range? Check out our FAQ below where we aim to answer the most popular questions.

Ticket To The Moon has a ‘Mammock’ in its travel hammock range which offers enough space to comfortably fit six people! If you’re looking for an extra-large, family-friendly hammock, this could be perfect. The Travel ‘Mammock’ is 8 metres long and 4.5 metres wide, with a maximum load of 350kg.

The Ticket To The Moon Pro Original Hammock weighs 950 grams, while the Lightest equivalent is 590 grams.

Ticket To The Moon is the original manufacturer of the camping hammock. The company has been based in Bali since 1996, aiming to provide safe, comfortable, and high-quality products to its customers.

All Ticket To The Moon products are made in Indionesia under ‘honest, humane, fair trade corporate values’. The company ensures all staff has access to proper working conditions alongside social security, a pension, and a basic salary much higher than the country’s minimum wage. 

Still not managed to find the answer to your question? Reach out to the Adventure Pending team over on our socials and we’ll get back to you with tailored hammock camping advice!

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