Osprey Fairview 55 Backpack Review

The Osprey Fairview 55 Backpack, sister pack to the men’s Farpoint 55, is the middle ground “best of both world’s” pack slotting between the Fairview 40 and Fairview 70 backpacks from the Osprey backpacking line.

Osprey Fairview 40 Backpack
Fairview 40 Featured Image
  • Complete with a removable 13L daypack
  • One of the lightest travel packs
  • Carry-on capable

Osprey Fairview 55 Backpack Review

The Osprey Fairview 55 Backpack sits as the perfect balance between the 40L and 70L backpacks in the brands backpacking range, combining for the best of both worlds.

There’s the small construction of the 40L, making transport and storage a breeze with the additional benefit of a removable 13L daypack perfect for trips away from the hotel or hostel.

Farpoint 55

Outside the backpack

Kicking things off with what we can see on the exterior of the Osprey Fairview 55 and there’s more than enough to be pleased about.

Addressing the elephant in the room, the Fairview 55 isn’t a single backpack, but rather a 55L main pack combined with a 13L daypack, secured together with a zip and pair of straps. This can be worn in two ways, the “Piggyback” style as featured in the images and as a “Kangaroo” style with the daypack strapped to the front via a pair of harness straps.

This is obviously a huge benefit when in transit as the pair keep together so you’re not awkwardly trying to cart around a pair of bags whilst (failing) to look elegant. There’s the added bonus of the top pocket (more on that later) of the daypack when in the kangaroo configuration acting as the perfect passport storage solution.

If we separate and set the daypack to one side for just a second and focus on the main pack, it’s evident that this isn’t your typical backpack. Instead of a traditional top-loader style, the whole backpack opens up like a duffle bag, giving you access to all of your belongings, no matter how badly you’ve packed. There’s a couple of compression straps in the bottom of the pack to help with forcing all of your travel essentials in and a mesh pocket great for storing laundry or a light jacket.

However, the party-piece of the main pack comes in the harness and the ability to hide zip it away when not in use. This is one of our absolute favourite features of the Fairview range and acts a great way to prevent hip, sternum and harness straps from snagging when you’ve not eyes on the pack (see: when luggage is checked).

The straps and the harness itself is top-quality, as you’d expect from the brand and the Osprey Fairview 55 comes with a sternum strap and hip belt to help keep the load exactly where it should be. There’s a couple of grab handles in the usual spots too, making manoeuvring the pack a piece of cake. We should mention that the pack comes in two sizes, WS/M, the sizing of which can be found here.

Bringing the Farpoint Day back into the picture and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a simple 13L daypack. Externally, there’s a simple harness and sternum strap to help with carrying loads and a pair of mesh pockets designed to hold water bottles for hikes.

However, in practice, the daypacks mesh pockets and rendered useless when the pack has just about anything in it so you may be best off carrying that water bottle than risking a spillage on the inside. Regardless, it’s a great addition to throw in the essentials for the day on trips etc.

Farpoint 55

Inside the backpack

It’s inside that counts and with 55L to play inside the main compartment, there’s plenty of room for all travel essentials.

The main pack acts similar to a suitcase or a duffle bag more than it does a backpack thanks to the ability to open the whole pack – super useful when looking for that hat you’ve definitely left at the bottom. A pair of compression straps help stuff as much as possible in and a mesh pocket, the perfect size for laundry, is found on the opening.

The 13L daypack is small, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless with a padded laptop sleeve, zip pocket and space for a jumper, snack and small amount of camera gear in the main compartment. A top pocket completes the pack, great for storing your passport, sunglasses, keys etc. 

Farpoint 55

Material and durability

The Osprey 210d Nylon Mini Hex Diamond Ripstop is the lightweight material chosen for each of the backpacks in the Fairview range.

There’s plenty of positives with the material and it’s made of some really tough stuff, they’ll be no worries about ripping, tearing or general falling apart with the Fairview packs. After testing the Farpoint 70 on the road for 5 months, we can safely say that the series can take anything you can throw at them!

When it comes to colours there’s just the choice of two available at the time of writing with the “Misty Grey” and “Jasper Green” with the latter the choice of preference from us. Unfortunately, the female versions of the Fairview/Farpoint range do not come in black (which all bags look the best in).

Farpoint 55

Testing the backpack

We’re yet to get our hands on the Osprey Fairview 55, however, we have had 5 months of testing in South East Asia with the Farpoint 70 with the pair sharing plenty of similarities.

From our experience, we found the 70L to be too large in the majority of backpacking trips and would have preferred the 55L in most situations. The daypack came in handy most days, although the smaller size does lead to overpacking and, as mentioned above, the mesh pouches for water were of minimal use.

Farpoint 55

Overall verdict

As a beginner/intermediate backpack, the Osprey Fairview 55 is the best of both worlds, containing both a great sized main compartment with the useful 13L daypack.

The size is a perfect balance, ensuring that there’s plenty of space for essentials but not too much that you’re likely to overpack unnecessary items. The Fairview 55 is the next step in backpacking before that final jump to single bag travel.

Osprey continues to impress with their popular backpacking range and with the 55L, they’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s a great pack with plenty of positives!

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