OLPRO 44L Travel Bag Review

The Adventure Pending team has been big OLPRO fans for a while now, so we were super excited when they launched a range of hiking and travel backpacks.

We’ve spent the last month testing out the OLPRO 44L Travel Bag from this new range to review in full. Here’s our verdict!

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  • Meets the hand luggage specifications on most airlines
  • Deep main section to make packing easy
  • Padded laptop/tablet sleeve
  • Detachable shoulder straps

*Price accurate at the time of publishing. Extra 10% off with code ADVENTUREPENDING10.

OLPRO Travel Bag Review

The OLPRO Travel Bag offers 44L of space in a pack that meets most airline hand luggage specifications. We love that this bag gives us the option to save the extra cash on putting luggage in the hold, and we can get straight off the plane and onto our trip. 

You can really tell this backpack has been designed for travel – it’s made up of a super-deep main compartment, smaller pockets for access to the essentials, and a padded sleeve that should fit most 15” laptops. It’s also possible to slot the bag onto a suitcase or tuck the straps away for easy transport – more on that later.

OLPRO Travel Bag

Outside the backpack 

The Travel Bag is a pretty good-looking grey and orange pack. We’re usually not the biggest fans of large logos, but the OLPRO touches work really well here and don’t come across as branding at all. In fact, the reflective tree on the front of the pack and the shaped back panelling adds a really fun touch.

This backpack is bulkier than your normal daypack which is expected of a travel companion. OLPRO has done a great job of making a pack that fits hand luggage specs while still providing enough space for your belongings. 

There are few brands that have made this work – the Eagle Creek Global Companion, for one. To put things into perspective, this Travel Bag is more than five times cheaper than its Eagle Creek counterpart at the time of writing – and if you use our OLPRO discount code ADVENTUREPENDING10, you will save even further. 

A certain level of quality comes with more expensive packs – but if you’re looking for a great budget option with a similar number of travel-friendly features, this is it.

The front of the Travel Bag is made up of three large pockets with enough space to fit toiletries, documents, and any items you may need fast access to. One of these pockets has an organiser sleeve which we’ve found especially useful for storing pens, passports, and money.

Chunky compression straps can be found across either side of the OLPRO bag which will help to reduce the size of the pack and generally keep everything together. There’s also an adjustable pocket for a 500ml bottle – we found the toggle to be pretty fragile here, but it isn’t really needed anyway.

A very roomy, padded tablet and laptop sleeve is included.

Onto the harness – OLPRO has kept things simple with lightly padded straps which can be adjusted in two places for maximum comfort. These each have a reflective strip to help with visibility when you’re out and about. The back panelling of the Travel Bag is lightly padded with a sewn-in tree design – we’re not sure how much this works in a breathability sense, but it looks pretty good!

Secure the pack with the adjustable sternum strap – this is elasticated on one side for a little extra give. You can move the strap up or down the pack to fit your frame – this is a feature we’ve seen and loved on so many backpacks. The Travel Bag falls short of a hip belt, which we would ideally like to help distribute the weight a 44L pack brings with it.

We’re not all huge fans of backpacks, so you can simply unclip the straps and tuck them into the top of the bag for a fuss-free way to use the carry handle. There is also the option to slot your backpack onto a roller bag or small suitcase to help with transport.

It’s fantastic to see so many exterior features on such a budget-friendly travel backpack.

Inside the backpack

Now, this is where things start to get fun – we love the inside of this backpack!

The OLPRO 44L Travel Bag has a U-shaped zip and unfolds like a suitcase to make packing and unpacking easy.

The main section is pretty deep, so you’re unlikely to have any issues in packing for a weekend away or a trip to a sunny destination. We would recommend using compression packing cubes to organise your items.

If you’re hoping to pack jumpers and coats for a stay that’s any longer than a weekend, then you might want to look at one of OLPRO’s larger bags like the Sharman. 

A mesh panel separates each half of the bag and is accessible via its own zip – you will probably need to familiarise yourself with this before travelling. Both compartments also have their own sleeves for more important documents that you may wish to hide away.

We’ve been pretty impressed at just how easy it is to pack the Travel Bag using just a couple of packing cubes to separate our belongings.

Material and durability

The OLPRO Travel Bag is made of reinforced polyester with a PVC backing. This means that to some extent, water will run off this pack instead of soaking through.

We would strongly recommend pairing this with a good waterproofing spray like NikWax and maybe even a backpack cover.

Sure, this pack could be made of better quality materials similar to other bags we’ve tested, but this is fantastic for the price point.

Testing the OLRRO Travel Bag 

OLPRO was kind enough to send us a Travel Bag to review, and we’ve been putting it to the test for over a month now.

What has really impressed us about this pack is the level of thought that’s gone into it. We’ve been looking for a carry-on travel backpack for a while now, and this has somehow fit most of our needs at a great price. This will not only save us money on flights in the future, but we’ll also be able to skip those long queues at baggage claim.

We’ve taken the Travel Bag on a couple of short trips over the last few weeks, and will be looking forward to testing it even further as we get back to our old backpacking lifestyle.

Overall verdict

We’ve tested a number of very expensive packs at Adventure Pending, but sometimes, you just need something that’s budget-friendly and will do the job.

If you’re hoping for an all-in-one travel companion that won’t break the bank, then this could just be it.

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*Price accurate at the time of publishing.

Extra 10% off with code ADVENTUREPENDING10.

FAQ: OLPRO 44L Travel Bag

Have a question about OLPRO’s Travel Bag? We’ve covered a few of the most popular queries on the pack below.

We’ve covered the basics but if you have any questions about the OLPRO Travel Bag, please feel free to drop me an email – ann@adventurepending.com.

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