Trail Outdoor Leisure Hartland 4 Man Tent Review

The Hartland 4-man tent from Trail Outdoor Leisure is a fantastic budget-friendly option for those looking to hit the campsites this summer. If travel restrictions have ruined your plans for a holiday abroad, then this tent could be a fast and convenient way to a fun break in your own country.

  • Fantastic budget option
  • 2 separate sleeping rooms
  • Simple to pitch and easy to pack
  • Waterproof and breathable

Hartland 4-Man Tent Review

This Trail Outdoor Leisure tent is just one of the brand’s great-value tents now available, but there’s a fair few features that make the Hartland stand out. Before we get into details, it’s important to know this tent sleeps two to four people with two bedrooms, a small living area, and a sunshade entrance.

This tent ticks all the boxes for a great camping trip, whether you’re heading away for a week with the whole family, or trudging through the mud to a festival campsite.

Pair this with the ability to put the full thing up in under 30 minutes, and you’re off to a great start.

Trail Outdoor Lesiure Hartland 4 Man Tent Front View

Pitching the tent

All good tents start with a small carry case for easy storage and transportation, and the Hartland ticks that box straight away. Measuring just 58cm in length, the heavy-duty bag weighs in at 6kg giving you more room in the car for campfire marshmallows and extra jumpers.

The tent comes with four fibreglass poles, hi-visibility guy ropes, and tent pegs. Add a budget-friendly mallet into the mix and you’re good to go.

Trail Outdoor Lesiure Hartland 4 Man Tent Rear View

We pitched the tent with ease in around 20 minutes. Start by pegging down the living room groundsheet, then position the tent above it. Put the poles together then slot them into place – the poles are colour-coded to help with this.

Pull the tent into shape ready to peg everything down – we found it easier for one of us to hold the Hartland in place while the other quickly ran round with the first few tent pegs. From there, all you need to do is unravel the guy ropes and peg those down, too.

Though the tent comes with a good number of pegs, we’d suggest buying spare tent pegs and even a few heavy-duty tent pegs if the weather isn’t looking too great ahead of your trip.

If you need more help with pitching the Hartland 4-man tent, then make sure to check out our YouTube video at the top of this article.

Trail Outdoor Lesiure Hartland 4 Man Tent Hardware

Outside the Hartland tent

The Hartland is a pretty sleek-looking tent that measures 4.2 metres in length, 1.4 metres in height, and is 2.1 metres deep. It’s shaped similar to a tunnel tent, but tapers out towards the bedrooms at either side of the living space. In these rooms, the tent is 1.15 metres in height. 

This Trail Outdoor Leisure tent is perfect for 3-season camping with durable seams and a 3000mm hydrostatic head, so you can sleep comfortably knowing you won’t be waking up in a paddling pool. 

It’s recently been through a complete overhaul with tougher zippers, extra stitching between the seams and reinforced pegging corners for improved strength and stability. The 3000mm hydrostatic head makes this tent perfect for the late spring and summer, into the early autumn.

Trail Outdoor Lesiure Hartland 4 Man Tent Side View

The tent itself is double-layered for better insulation, which also helps to reduce condensation inside the tent. 

There’s one particular feature of the Hartland, however, that makes it stand out against others on the Trail Outdoor Leisure site. The zip-lock entrance door transforms into a sunshade that can be propped up to keep the tent cool and provide shielding during the warmer months.

In turn, this allows air to circulate more freely around the living space. Having said this, we’d like to see a mesh door to keep insects at bay while the main door is open.

Trail Outdoor Lesiure Hartland 4 Man Tent Front Interior

Inside the Hartland 4-Man

The Hartland has two bedrooms and communal living space for dining and socialising. As we mentioned earlier, the living space does not have a sewn-in groundsheet but the tent comes with a separate, sturdy sheet to cover the area pretty well.

The groundsheet can be attached to the tent at each corner but may leave a small gap around the edges of the communal areas. Though we’d prefer the full tent to be sewn-in, we’re happy to settle here based on the price point of the Hartland.

Trail Outdoor Lesiure Hartland 4 Man Tent Interior

Each bedroom is large enough for two to sleep comfortably on air beds or camping beds.

These rooms do have sewn-in groundsheets, and mesh panels to allow air and light in while keeping insects out. You can set the bedrooms up quickly by pulling the togs on the rooms into the holes overhead – we did notice the holes were a little on the fragile side, so maybe be a little careful here.

You’ll find a small pocket in each of these rooms to store your valuables, as well as air vents overhead to reduce condensation.

Trail Outdoor Lesiure Hartland 4 Man Tent Interior Room

Overall verdict

If you’re new to camping or just making a cheap hobby out of it until international travel resumes, then we’d definitely recommend the Hartland 4-Man tent from Trail Outdoor Leisure. 

It’s fast to pitch and great for getting the whole family involved – you’ll find multiple reviews online that share of children finding a love of camping through this no-fuss tent. That being said, there’s nothing to say even experienced campers looking for something simple wouldn’t enjoy the Hartland. 

Packing away into a small and relatively light bag, this tent is also perfect for those with smaller cars or heading to summer festivals. Taking less than 30 minutes to pitch from start to finish, it’s a winner in that respect too.

We like a bit of space when camping, so this tent is great for when the two of us want to take a break away – but there’s also nothing to say we couldn’t easily have a couple of mates around to stay if we wanted to!

The Hartland 4-Man tent from Trail Outdoor Leisure is clearly a versatile tent that could meet a range of camping needs, so it’s well worth considering the purchase.

FAQ: Trail Outdoor Leisure Hartland Tunnel Tent

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