Peak Design Packing Cubes Review

Peak Design’s packing cubes are some of the best on the market, offering both functionality and sustainability. Here’s our review of Peak Design’s front-and-centre packing solution.

Peak Design Packing Cube Selection
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Built to withstand decades
  • Self-healing nylon/poly shell
  • Fair Trade Certified and 100% carbon neutral
  • Premium product with premium prices
  • Sizes: Small, Medium
  • Small Volume: Compressed: 4.5L, Expanded: 9L
  • Medium Volume: Compressed: 8L, Expanded: 18L
  • Small Dimensions: Compressed 32cm x 17cm x 8cm, Expanded 32cm x 17cm x 17cm
  • Large Dimensions: Compressed 32cm x 32cm x 8cm, Expanded 32cm x 32cm x 17cm
  • Weight: 110g (S), 144g (M)

Peak Design packing cubes review

If you’re a seasoned traveller, you probably already know the benefits of packing cubes – they provide a structured way to organize your belongings, can increase available space in your bag, and make it easier to find your toothbrush in a rush.

Most of us start with a good budget packing cubes set, but if you’re wanting to invest in quality then Peak Design’s cubes are definitely the way to go. Simple in design but high in functionality, these packing cubes are perfect for the eco-conscious traveller or those constantly finding themselves on the road.

This review will go through the design of the Peak Design cubes, their durability, and the company’s environmental efforts. Let’s get into it.

Peak Design Packing Cubes Zippers


If you’re used to travelling with cheap packing cubes, you’ll know that most are essentially a cover for your clothes. Budget-friendly options tend to stray away from multiple zippers and fancy features and often end up looking like a large pocket. 

This is where Peak Design separates itself from the rest of the pack(ing cubes). Complete with three zippers, these cubes offer easy access to the main compartment, a separate expandable pocket for your dirty laundry, and a 360 compression zip to get the most out of your space.

Peak Design Packing Cubes Secondary Pocket

Main compartment

We’ll start with the main compartment, which is where your belongings will spend most of their time. This section makes use of a unique zipper with tear-away tabs to offer speedy access to your clothing. Need to quickly grab a jumper or take some weight out of your hold luggage? This is where this function will come in most handy. We love that this zipper fully opens the cube for very easy access, unlike other half and three-quarter solutions we’ve seen from other outdoor brands.

Auto-adjusting divider

As you start to wear the clothing in your cube, you’ll need somewhere for it to go. The Peak Design cubes have answered this problem with an internal divider that will expand as you empty the other side – simply unzip the back of the packing cube to access this. Gone are the days of mixing your dirty laundry with your clean clothes!

Peak Design Packing Cubes Compression System


And finally, the party piece – Peak Design’s packing cubes use a 360 compression/expansion zip allowing you to pack those extra t-shirts you’ve been debating over. Simply fasten this all the way around your cubes to half the room your clothing takes in your bag. If you need additional space, release this zipper.


Created with a tough recycled 70D nylon/polyester outer shell, these cubes are made to be thrown around. Peak Design has actually branded the shell as ‘self healing’, thanks to its ability to automatically repair exterior damage without human intervention.

Peak Design Packing Cubes Material

The cubes are available in three colourways – Charcoal Grey, Sage Green, and a black and white checkered option called ‘Raw’. We’re fans of the Charcoal for its ability to hide wear and tear! The Peak Design packing cubes are available in small and medium sizes – we recommend the small for socks and underwear, and the medium for tops and bottoms.


Adventure Pending has long been a fan of Peak Design thanks to its sustainability practices. Every PD purchase (excluding apparel) comes with a lifetime warranty, helping to keep travel gear in use and out of the landfill. 

This means if your packing cubes become defective or non-functioning, Peak Design will repair or replace them with cubes in the same or better condition. There are a couple of things to break down here:

  • ‘Defective or non-functioning’: Peak Design’s guarantee does not cover cosmetic wear and tear in its bid to reduce waste. If your cubes suffer from a knick or scratch that doesn’t affect their usability, we recommend continuing to get use out of them! As PD says, small amounts of wear and tear are basically bragging rights!
  • ‘Same or better’ condition: To avoid waste, Peak Design will always strive to replace your product with open-box, gently used, or refurbished items. We love that this keeps products from being unnecessarily sent to landfill, while still offering you a fantastic replacement.
Peak Design Packing Cubes Half Zipped

Peak Design packing cubes in testing

Adventure Pending co-founder Adam has been using a set of Peak Design products ever since he restarted full-time travel in mid-2022.

We were a little concerned about other online reviews of the packing cubes, particularly in the case of the compression mesh. Where some sites claimed that the mesh looked “tired” and “damaged” after just a couple of weeks of travel, ours have stayed looking new for the duration.

Peak Design Packing Cubes in Testing

Another concern was the amount of clothing that could fit in the cubes. Again, we were left impressed with the results with 10+ XL t-shirts easily packed in the medium cube and 10 pairs of underwear and 8 pairs of socks in the small cube. The compression, as we’d hoped, was really the star of the show and let us cram so much more in each cube than we’d been able to with a budget set. 

We’ve found the packing cubes to be one of the best purchases to date and, upon returning from a 3-month stint in Portugal/Spain, invested in the Peak Design Tech Pouch to compliment. Adam’s even committed to adding the brand sticker to his laptop (joining Heimplanet and Jetboil) – the ultimate sign of respect.

FAQ: Peak Design Packing Cubes

Have a question about the Peak Design packing cubes, or packing cubes in general? Browse our FAQs below. 

You can purchase the PD cubes in small and medium sizes. The small is perfect for underwear and socks, while the medium works best for all other clothing.

Yes, the Peak Design packing cubes can be purchased in a set of three, a set of six, or a set of eight. Each of these includes the PD shoe pouch.

Check out our full packing cube guide for luggage solutions to fit every budget. Our top recommendation for a cheaper set that maintains quality is the Osprey Ultralight Set.

If there’s anything else you need to know, feel free to reach out to us over on Instagram – @adventurepending

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