Top 9 camping fridges for UK adventures

A great camping fridge (see: cold beer and chilled meat) is one of those true luxuries that we long for when staying in the great outdoors – but choosing the best camping fridge isn’t always an easy task.

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The best camping fridges

A camping fridge is one of the more expensive pieces of gear that you’re likely to invest in when it comes to pitching up and experiencing the great outdoors.

There’s a huge range of brands and models out there, each with their own individual pros, cons and quirks that make picking the perfect camping fridge a bit of a headache. Luckily for you, that’s where we come in.

We’ve trawled the web, tested and trialled the very best options in the big bad world of cool camping. Below you’ll find and be able to shop the top camping fridge selection available online this year.

Author’s top pick

The Dometic CombiCool ACX3 is our overall top camping fridge. 

Dometic Portable 3-Way Camping Fridge

Its 3-way cooling means campers can stay in remote locations without worrying about food spoiling or warm beer!

Different types of camping fridge

Before we get started, it’s important to know the different types of camping fridges to make an informed decision about which will be the best type for you.

In our top camping fridge article, we’re going to be covering three main types of camping fridges: the 3-way camping fridge, electric camping fridge and the humble camping cooler.

3-Way camping fridges

A 3-way camping fridge offers a trio of different cooling methods, allowing the fridge to be used in a variety of situations.

Most commonly, a 3-way camping fridge will utilise a gas canister, AC power and DC power options. It’s the gas canister inclusion that makes these fridges the most versatile and can be used without any electrical power.

If you’re looking for a fridge that can be used anywhere, without a vehicle battery or electric hook-up, the 3-way fridge is the best for you!

1. Dometic CombiCool ACX3

There’s a reason that Dometic is one of the biggest names in portable cooling – their stuff is head and shoulders above the rest.

If you’re shopping for a versatile 3-way camping fridge that won’t let you down – the Dometic 41L CombiCool camping fridge is our overall top pick. With cooling capabilities of up to 30°C lower than ambient, it’s more than well equipped for camping in the UK.

The camping fridge can be powered by a gas cartridge, 12V DC and 230V AC power supplies, ensuring that you’re never left without cooling power.

Dometic Portable 3-Way Camping Fridge

Best 3-way camping fridge

It’s no surprise that the Dometic CombiCool 3-way camping fridge tops our list with a sleek and robust design, high-quality refrigeration and a brand you can trust.

  • 3-way cooling with gas cartridge, 230V AC and 12/24V DC supplies
  • Compact, but spacious 41L capacity
  • Robust construction with a sleek design
  • Integrated handles and ice cube box included

2. Dometic CombiCool RC 1200 

Dometic takes both the #1 and #2 spots in our list of 3-way camping fridges with the runner up in the form of the CombiCool RC 1200.

The 3-way camping fridge is one of the best in the business and although it doesn’t quite offer just as much as the CombiCool ACX3, it’s a very close second.

The RC 1200 is, however, a much more affordable camping fridge offering the same 3-way compatibility in a 40L capacity. Gas canisters, 12/24V DC and 230V AC supplies can all be used to power the absorption coolbox, making it great both in the home, on the road or in remote environments.

Dometic CombiCool RC 1200 Portable 3-Way Camping Fridge

Runner up 3-way camping fridge

The Dometic CombiCool RC 1200 is a close runner-up sharing many of the same features of the top camping fridge at a lower price point.

  • 3-way cooling with gas cartridge, 230V AC and 12/24V DC supplies
  • Competitively priced Dometic portable absorption cooler
  • Sleek design with easy-to-use controls
  • Fantastic 40L capacity

3. Royal 42L 3-Way Camping Fridge

The Royal 42L 3-way camping fridge offers campers a solution to chilling food in any scenario.

The sleek design encases an impressive cooling system that is not only uber reliable but incredibly effective too. The 3-way camping fridge offers users AC, DC and gas cooling, keeping food and drinks cold from the moment you leave for your trip to the second that you get back.

Alternative ChoiceRoyal 3-Way Camping Fridge

Third place 3-way camping fridge

The Royal 42L Absorption Cooler is our runner up for the best 3-way camping fridge thanks to its versatile cooling methods and impressive features.

  • 3-way cooling with gas, AC and DC supplies
  • Spacious 40L capacity
  • Great looking camping fridge
  • Fantastic Amazon reviews

Electric camping fridges

Electric camping fridges are exactly what they say on the tin – a camping fridge powered by electricity alone.

These camping fridges come in a couple of different forms, DC only, AC only and a combination of the two. For maximum versatility, we would typically recommend a camping fridge that offers both a mains AC supply and DC supply that can be used within vehicle batteries as well as an electric hookup.

If you’re looking for a camping fridge that can be used in the car, as a beer fridge at home or via an electric hook-up at a camp site, these are the best option for you!

1. Dometic ColdFreeze CDF 

Our top electric camping fridge is another fantastic solution by the team at Dometic.

With four great sizing options (10.5L, 18L, 21L and 31L), the Dometic ColdFreeze CDF is guaranteed to stock the perfect option for every individual. The ColdFreeze is one of the best-looking camping fridges available today, but it’s not just a pretty face.

One of our favourite features is the dual electric power supplies offered in the unit. This allows the fridge to run on both car battery 12/24V DC supplies and main 100-240V AC supplies – perfect for the majority of campers.

Dometic ColdFreeze CDF Portable Camping Fridge

Best electric camping fridge

The Dometic CoolFreeze CDF is our favourite electric camping fridge compatible with 12/24V DC and 230V AC power supplies.

  • Compatible with both a 12/24V DC and a 220V/240V AC supply
  • Great range of sizes available (10.5L, 18L, 21L and 31L)
  • Temperature range of -18°C to 10°C
  • Digital temperature display and LED interior lighting

2. BERG 60L 

If you’re searching for the biggest and the best camping fridge freezer that money can buy, the BERG 60 Litre has to be the one.

With a huge 60L capacity, the BERG camping fridge offers plenty of space for chilling and freezing with an impressive temperature range of -21°C to 10°C.

The chiller can be used with either a 12/24V DC supply that is typically found in vehicles as well as a 220/240V AC mains supply. The camping fridge offers A++ low power consumption and even offers the ability to charge USB devices from the handy side port.

Low voltage protection prevents the unit from over depleting a car battery and a digital display lets the user set the exact temperature that they’re looking for. When it comes to camping fridges – this is the very best, but the price tag is high.

BERG Camping Fridge Freezer

Runner up electric camping fridge

The BERG 60L camping fridge freezer is our top pick for a portable chiller thanks to its huge volume and its 12V and 240V compatibility.

  • Temperature range of -21°C to 10°C
  • Digital temperature display
  • Low voltage protection (to prevent car battery failure)
  • 12/24V DC and 220V/240V AC supply

3. Aplicool G22 

The Aplicool G22 camping fridge freezer is a fantastic alternative to the BERG 60L, offering a compact 22L design at more than half the price.

The camping fridge freezer is only available with the 12/24V DC supply, requiring to be plugged into a vehicle or alternative DC supply for use. The unit does come equipped with 3 stage car battery protection system, preventing the car battery from running down too far.

A vibration-resistant design is one of the most impressive features, preventing drinks from being shaken up when road-tripping. For a car-only portable camping fridge freezer – this Alpicool is one of the best!

Alpicool G22 Camping Fridge

Alternative PickAlpicool G22

Third place electric camping fridge

The Aplicool G22 is our runner-up electric camping fridge freezer with 12/24V compatibility, robust 22L design and low noise operating.

  • Temperature range of -20°C to 20°C
  • 3-stage car battery protection
  • Vibration resistant design
  • Quiet operation of approximately 40dB

Camping coolers and cool boxes

Camping coolers and cool boxes form the cheapest cooling solutions on our list and do not involve any form of external power.

A camping cool box is a great way to save a little cash when looking to store cold food and drinks, but they aren’t as effective as a camping fridge. Camping cool boxes do require the use of icepacks to get the temperature of the box down whilst the insulation of the box retains the temperature as long as possible.

If you’re looking to complete a short trip or aren’t looking to store anything that may spoil, the camping cooler may be the perfect solution for you!

1. Coleman Xtreme

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the fully-fledged camping fridge – a high-quality camping cooler might just be the perfect solution for you.

The Coleman camping coolers are at the top of the food chain when it comes to insulated products. When kept on ice, food and drink can be left for days at a time at the perfect temperature. The robust design is fantastic for camping trips and with 3 different volumes available, the perfect size can be found online too.

There are even drinks holders moulded into the lid of the cooler, keeping your drinks cold whilst you keep on sipping.

Coleman Xtreme Camping Cooler

Our PickColeman Xtreme

Best camping cooler

The Coleman Xtreme camping cooler is our top pick for a high-quality camping cooler, available in 49, 66 and 91-litre capacities.

  • Highest quality cooler
  • Cheaper alternative to a camping fridge
  • 3 different sizes available (49L, 66L and 91L)
  • Lightweight solution

2. Dometic Cool-Ice WCI

Although it doesn’t support the largest capacity, the Dometic Cool-Ice passive cool box, available in both 13L and 22L sizing might just be the best looking product on our whole list.

The icebox is one of the coolest (get it) looking things that we’ve ever seen and at just 2.3kg, it’s ultra-light, too. A strong, seamless polyethene construction makes for a seriously durable and thickly insulated coolbox, keeping ice and cold packs cooler for longer.

The lightweight design is easy to clean, difficult to break and one of the most affordable Dometic products out there – it’s a cooler that’s on our Amazon wishlists!

Dometic Cool-Ice 13L Camping Cooler

Also GreatDometic Cool-Ice WCI

Runner up camping cooler

The Dometic Cool-Ice WCI is a little on the smaller side – but offers unrivalled build quality and a great-looking design.

  • Strong, rugged design with thick insulation
  • One of the best looking cool boxes available
  • 2 different sizes available (13L and 22L)
  • Lightweight solution at just 2.8kg for the 13L model

3. Thermos Camping Cool Box

If you’re happy that a cheap camping cool box will do the trick with a short camping stay, the Thermos camping cool box has to be the best bet.

The trusted Thermos brand offers a great selection of insulated products and their camping cool box is one of the most popular. Food and drink will stay cold for 8 hours in the box, plenty of time if keeping drinks or food overnight.

It’s not quite as effective as the other products listed in our top camping fridges, but it is the cheapest. The Thermos is priced around the £30 mark for a good quality cooler that you can rely on.

Thermos Camping Cool Box

Alternative PickThermos Camping Cool Box

Third place camping cooler

The Thermos camping cooler is a fantastic budget-friendly compact cool box available in both 28L and 32L volumes.

  • Budget-friendly cooler
  • Compact 28L and 32L options
  • Locking handle
  • Lightweight cool box

FAQ: Camping Fridges

Shopping for the best camping fridge isn’t easy, but proves to be a fantastic investment if done correctly. If you’ve got a question about camping fridges, check out our FAQ listed below and we’ll (hopefully) have the answer listed for you!

Still not managed to find what you’re looking for? Feel free to drop us an email from the “contact” page or reach out to us on one of our social channels. We’ll get back to you with any answers as soon as possible!

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